SmartLabs Delivers Upgraded STBs and Widevine DRM to Baze Technology

Moscow, Russia, April 24, 2016 --( To support the launch of Bazeport 6.5, Baze Technology has received new STBs and enhanced security and is looking forward to continued cooperation.

SmartLabs has delivered to Baze Technology a batch of high-end STBs, SML-5010W. The beautifully designed STB cases and remote controls are branded with Baze Technology's corporate colours and logo. Each STB is also delivered with a bespoke wall mount to enable it to be securely fixed in challenging environments.

SmartLabs also worked closely with Baze Technology to meet the demanding security requirements of premium content providers and delivered support for Widevine Modular DRM and SmartLabs Multicast Solution for Common Encryption/Widevine DRMs.

Baze Technology will offer the new STB as part of the latest BazePort Infotainment System (Version 6.5) release that is designed for use in residential, hospitality, healthcare and maritime environments.

"The development of the new SML-5010W has strengthened our offering towards potential BazePort clients. Smartlabs provide professional input and represents an agile development culture that meets our specification and accommodates what we need in a high end STB. We are very pleased with the end result", says Thorstein Rinker, SVP of business development in Baze Technology.

"SmartLabs are proud to provide our state-of-the-art high-performance STBs to Baze Technology and to help our partner to extend the BazePort solution and address new sectors and meet the ever changing commercial and functional demands of their growing customer base." SmartLabs CEO Mikhail Grachev says.


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