In-Gauge of Polk County Offers New NRA Training Opportunity

In-Gauge of Polk County is pleased to announce its offering of the National Rifle Association’s new Defensive Pistol Course.

Winter Haven, FL, April 26, 2016 --( In-Gauge of Polk County, a private, non-profit, NRA affiliated club, specializing in firearms training, has recently added the National Rifle Association’s new Defensive Pistol Course to its curriculum of firearms training. Being one of a very few firearms training facilities in Florida and nationwide, In-Gauge of Polk County is proud to offer this level of advanced personal protection training.

The NRA Defensive Pistol Course is conducted by a select group of NRA Advanced Pistol Instructors. The training is objective based and will focus on the development of a defensive mindset. The goal of the course is to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude to carry and use a concealed pistol ethically, responsibly, and with confidence.

The course is a follow-on course to the NRA Basic Pistol or First Steps Pistol Shooting Course. Upon successful completion of this training, students should know and be able to demonstrate a number of defensive pistol techniques and shoot a timed qualification course of fire.

The NRA’s Defensive Pistol Course is a true concealed carry firearm training course. It is nothing like any of the other NRA pistol classes.

Other NRA firearm training programs offered by In-Gauge of Polk County include:

· Basic pistol
· Basic rifle
· Basic shotgun
· Personal Protection In The Home
· Personal Protection Outside The Home

For class information and availability, contact In-Gauge of Polk County, Winter Haven, Florida via email at: or visit their website at:
In-Gauge of Polk County
Karl Speic
NRA's Defensive Pistol Course

NRA's Defensive Pistol Course

Take your firearms training to the next level. Learn how to safely carry and use your firearm responsibly in public. This training takes you beyond your required minimum CCW permit training.