AdminDroid Launches Free Office 365 Reporting Tool

AdminDroid, the company dedicated to solving IT administrators’ challenges, today announced the launch of its new freeware, AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter. Aimed at reducing the Office 365 reporting complexity, this new freeware offers several out-of-the-box reports that usually require IT administrators to perform tedious PowerShell scripting or purchase exorbitantly priced Office 365 tools.

Bangalore, India, April 27, 2016 --( AdminDroid and Free Office 365 Reporting

The very foundation of Office 365 rests on the cornerstone of providing an enterprise’s workforce with an “anywhere-anytime” access to IT resources, while completely unburdening the IT staff from the overhead of deploying and managing those resources. Such a provision encourages even the enterprises, which lack or cannot afford a dedicated technical team, to adopt this technology. However, given Office 365’s oversight in reporting, such enterprises and expert IT staff alike are forced to depend on PowerShell to extract necessary Office 365 reports. Today, there is a slew of commercial tools that tap into this Office 365 reporting gap, which beats the purpose of Office 365 technology.

AdminDroid, however, joins the ranks of several free IT communities and tools in providing Office 365 reporting tool completely free of cost. Additionally, it’s a full-fledged tool, readily available now for download and installs without any hassles, prerequisite, or dependencies on PowerShell. Using this free tool, IT administrators will not only be able to extract rich Office 365 reports, but can also schedule the reports and have them emailed at selected intervals.

Office 365 Reporting Gap

In conventional Office 365 reporting, information on clear license usage, security/ distribution group details, and user reports is not rich. When business requirements demand stats such as identifying users without license assigned, or users without managers, or groups without members, it certainly sends administrators in search of PowerShell scripts. However, when the enterprises are large and there’s too much data to fetch, such makeshift scripts might be difficult to work with or unreliable.

AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter Offers Rich Data in Appealing Interface

In a rich user interface, AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter provides a graphical dashboard and several out-of-the-box Office 365 reports, which are widely sought after by several Office 365 users. Modeled after the market demands and search demands of Office 365 administrators, these reports provide rich information that is required to manage user licenses, users and groups efficiently. The reports are chiefly classified into following three main categories.

· User – Provides deep insight into Office 365 users such as the active, disabled and deleted users. Additionally, there is out-of-the-box info in this category such as Users without Manager and Users Not in Any Group.

· Group – Supplies general and security-critical information about Office 365 security (and distribution) groups.

· License – Not only one can view license usage information in a single screen, but one can input a specific Office 365 service name and learn of the users who've been licensed to use that service. Also, it provides info on Users without Licenses. All this in addition to user reports, enables the enterprises to better manage Office 365 licenses.

About AdminDroid

Founded by IT administrators for the IT administrators, AdminDroid is an IT startup whose objective is to build IT products that are highly user-friendly and discerning in their solutions. Having been in the trenches themselves once, the people behind AdminDroid clearly know the needs of today’s IT administrators and the budget constraints they work with. So, AdminDroid solutions are sympathetic to your IT and IT budget needs alike. You’ll never get “sticker shock” looking at our price tags, and you’ll deeply appreciate our freeware, which can make even some established commercial products run for their money.
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