Ving Tsun Kung Fu Now Available in the Greater Milwaukee Area – Learn Pure Ving Tsun (Pronounced Wing Chun) Kung Fu, the World’s Most Advanced System for Self-Defense

Milwaukee, WI, April 27, 2016 --( Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin now has a direct Moy Tung-lineage Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu school. Doors are officially open June 1, 2016 in the Milwaukee metro-area city of Waukesha, but classes are forming now – visit for info and to schedule an introductory lesson. Ving Tsun (pronounced "wing chun") Kung Fu training is available for adults and teens age 14 and up, with separate classes for women.

The school is run by Sifu Tim Lee, a direct personal student of Grandmaster Anthony Moy Tung, disciple of Moy Yat, who was a disciple of the now-legendary Yip Man. Sifu Tim Lee began his training in 1994 and has been dedicated to the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu Martial Arts System ever since.

At the Moy Yat Kung Fu School of Waukesha, you know where your kung fu comes from. When you are in Sifu Tim Lee’s lineage of students, you are in the lineage of his sifu, Grandmaster Moy Tung, his sifu, Grandmaster Moy Yat, and in turn his sifu, Grandmaster Yip Man. Yip Man and Moy Yat are the venerable masters that brought Ving Tsun into the modern world (Yip Man in 1950’s Hong Kong) and (Moy Yat to the United States in 1973).

Sifu Tim Lee carries on the traditions as taught through the generations and maintained by Grandmaster Moy Tung. The way of Martial Arts is about self-defense, good health, self improvement and strengthening one’s community and nation. Sifu Tim Lee teaches the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu system to honorable people who will use what they learn to protect life and serve humanity. If you agree with these principles, then the Moy Yat Kung Fu School of Waukesha is for you.

At the Moy Yat Kung Fu School of Waukesha you will become more confident on the street, at home and in the workplace, because you know you can take care of yourself in any situation against anyone of any size. Ving Tsun teaches principles of kung fu that can be applied in any number of situations and that have proven effective for over 400 years.

Siu Nim Tao is the foundation of the Ving Tsun system of kung fu training, it teaches the most basic and the most advanced principles and techniques, such as centerline, the horse stance and relaxation.

The 108 Muk Yan Jong form, referred to that way because it teaches 108 Ving Tsun Kung Fu fighting applications, is for advanced training and cleaning up details, after a student has developed the proper foundation with the first three forms, Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Je.

Whatever your goals are for martial arts training – health and fitness, self-defense, confidence, discipline, you name it – you can get your best results and reach your full potential by training in the Ving Tsun system under Sifu Tim Lee. Whether you want to pursue training for a year or two as a hobby or for self-defense, or learn and master the complete system and teach as a career, you have that opportunity by training at the Moy Yat Kung Fu School of Waukesha. You will also have opportunities to meet and train under Grandmaster Moy Tung when he visits Milwaukee, and to travel to Richmond, VA to train directly under Moy Tung.

For more information on the lineage from Yim Ving Tsun to Sifu Tim Lee, visit the website of his sifu Grandmaster Moy Tung’s Richmond, VA School, founded in 1986 at

To learn real self-defense that is automatic and subconscious, using training methods that will allow you to reach your full human potential, schedule your introduction today at and start your training at the Moy Yat Kung Fu School of Waukesha located at 411 N. Grand Ave. Lower level Room 105 – Waukesha, WI 53186.
Moy Yat Kung Fu School of Waukesha
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