Woweez Games Announced the Release of Bouncy Round Ball for iOS and Android

Bouncy Round Ball is an addictive jumping game for smartphone users to enjoy and have fun in free time. With high resolution graphics and smooth physics simulation, it's one of the most entertaining game ever made for smartphones.

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, April 29, 2016 --( Woweez Games proudly announced the release of Bouncy Round Ball, an action-driven bouncing ball game for Android and iOS devices. Available worldwide via Google Play and AppStore, this free-to-play game has been optimized for almost all smartphones, tablets and phablets with thrilling gameplay and appealing design ensuring repeat gaming experience.

Bouncy Round Ball is an addictive ball jump game for smartphone users to enjoy and have fun with in their free time. The game is full of entertainment for smartphone gamers because of its high resolution graphics and smooth physics simulation. It has a simple, but addictive gameplay, which challenges a player's mind and demands sharp hand-eye coordination.

The goal of the game is to move the colored bouncy ball upwards. You just need to tap to jump and take the ball as high as possible. There are floating platforms above each other, and a few of them are spiky as well. You need to be accurate in the timing of the jumps to the upper platform.

Its 100% responsive touchscreen gameplay lets you have complete control over the ball but one mistake and the game is over for you. Players have to learn how to manage the intensity and timing of the jumping ball to score higher before the current life is over. The addiction lies in the fact that the user has several power-ups to use. You can get extra lives from the power-ups.

You can download the free version of Bouncy Round Ball from Google Play and from the AppStore at For more information visit To join the conversation, like Woweez Games on Facebook and follow @WoweezGames on Twitter.

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