Intuit Released Quickbooks 2016 R5 by Easyquickbooks

Summerville, SC, April 28, 2016 --( Intuit has recently released the Quickbooks 2016 R5 for the Quickbooks Desktop version for US. For now you have to update your Quickbooks Desktop version ‘manually’ from the Quickbooks Technical Support Webpage as the automatic update function is not yet available.

Given below are the changes that will appear in your Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise after updating it:
Account Receivable

Now you can save even those transactions that contain a line item with a manufacturer’s part number for an assembly item that was not purchased through a vendor.

Online Banking

The issue that did not allowed the users to access their bank’s webpage using the Quickbooks Internal Browser (when linked with Internet Explorer 11) has been fixed.


Now you can delete the stray item sites in the updated 'Rebuild’ utilities.


The issue that caused the 'Verify’ to fail after deleting the class selected on a record has been fixed.


Updating your Quickbooks will also result in updating from MSXML 4 to MSXML 6 (Microsoft Programming Tools) which is needed for addressing the PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standard.

This is a major issue which users will have to face. The reason being, to be compliant with the PCI standards you have to remove MSXML 4 after updating to MSXML 6. This is where the problem arises because some of the utilities provided by intuit quickbooks online support requires MSXML 4 to work like Contacts Sync, Scan Manager, and Shipping Manager. So, when you remove MSXML 4 these utilities will stop working.

Given below are the changes that will appear only in Quickbooks Enterprise after updating it:

Advanced Inventory

-Now you can print, preview before printing, change the alignment of Barcodes without causing the screen to freeze.

-The issue that caused the error “Sum of item xxxxxxxx on item site table not match quantity on hand stored at item history table” while running a verify in the QBWIN.LOG has been fixed.


At the time of creating an invoice from a sales order, the users who disallows negative quantities will only get a “Negative On Hand Detected” alert after editing all the line items completely.

However you can always get in touch with Quickbooks Customer service for more information or you can also visit:
Gucci Ameo
1(855) 669 6620