Specialized Arts and Amateur Athletic Union Basketball School Opens in Nassau County, New York

iCovenant Congregation Prep, New York’s First and Only Specialized Scriptural-integrated Academic, Arts, and AAU Basketball “Third Place Ekklesia” AKA Place of Academia and Discipleship Training Finds Its Permanent Home in Oceanside, New York–Opening Its Doors September 2016.

Oceanside, NY, April 29, 2016 --(PR.com)-- iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia’s rich history is grounded in the accolades of its NYSED 21st Century Community Learning Center Excellence in After School Experience awarding winning, predecessor, RPAAUYM Inc, founded in nineteen hundred ninety-nine; being rebirth as the purified remnant duly commissioned and inaugurated by the Savior as partakers of the Truth to raise the next generation of Disciples with Sword and Shield to go forth as the S.A.L.T. of the earth: Speaking, Acting, Leading, Thinking like the Messiah of Nazareth-out loud and unashamed.

Overseers Michael and Dr. Sea’Ven Cadoche Chapman; being persuaded "iCovenant Congregation Prep is the Body of Christ’s Present Times Revelation, whereas the Father has admonished all Believers to remove their children from public education institutes that have shunned Him; ushering them into Scripture-honoring Tabernacles where they can sit at the feet of anointed Ministers of the Good News becoming learned of the Father, simultaneously fulfilling the world’s criteria for compulsory education." Located on Nassau County’s beautiful hamlet in Oceanside, New York, the Overseers, have over seventy-five years of combined Urban Youth Education, Family and Community Development through Arts and Athletics, experience. Thus, seasoned and prepared to oversee the audacious call of the Third Place Ekklesia’s unique ungraded, multiage, individual guided education, research-based and acclaimed System of Education designed by Herbert J. Klausmeir in the late 70s–reminiscent of the ninetieth century Red Brick Schoolhouse; having been anointed by the Set-Apart Spirit.

During the resurrection months May-July, iCovenant Congregation Prep is offering $10,000 in Academic, Arts, and AAU Basketball scholarships to qualified Disciples, ages 5-12, who enroll by June 1, 2016. Additionally, Founding Families are eligible to receive an additional $1500.00 in tribute to iCovenant Congregation Prep’s convicted stance, If the world takes care of its own, how much more shall the Body of Christ?

To learn how you can partner with iCovenant Congregation Prep and receive free education for your child, immediately call 516.939.4WAY, visit www.iCovenantCongregationPrep.org or email info@iCCPrep.com.
iCovenant Congregation Prep
Dr. Sea'Ven Cadoche'