The Lord Put A Ring On It

With all of the media frenzy over diversity at the Oscars this year, LPAROI productions is proud to feature an all African American Cast for the highly anticipated Romantic Christian Comedy Drama coming to theaters Spring 2016.

Philadelphia, PA, May 02, 2016 --( Readers who enjoyed the bestselling book, "Lord Put a Ring on It," are in for an exciting treat as a movie version of the book is set to open late Spring.

The movie is loosely based on the book and features a talented African-American cast. Like the book, the film highlights real life problems and provides godly solutions. It is also laced with plenty of humor and inspiring scenes that will keep the audience hooked until the last word is said.

Written and directed by Dr. Tikki Collins, "Lord Put a Ring on It" is a Romantic Christian comedy about navigating relationships - from being single looking for Mr. Right in all the wrong places and blended families navigating the challenges of becoming one family, to married couples dealing with infidelity and friendships surviving betrayals.

But it's not just about entertainment value; Dr. Tikki wants the film to have a lasting impact on those who watch it. She said: "For too long many of us have been handling relationships just like the world. There is a wrong way and a Godly way and I want to inspire more people to practice that."

"Lord Put a Ring on It" is just one of the few self help books that have been made into movies. And, if the success of the book is anything to go by, then the movie is also going to be a hit. Already readers of the book and those who have seen the trailer are excited about the release of the film. Linda D said: "OMG, Tikki has outdone herself."

The movie will open May 26th in the USVI and is expected to make it's state side premiere late Spring in select theaters. For further details, visit: To view the trailer, visit:

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