Bullies in the Boardroom: Ignore or Fight? New Book Provides Over 100 Negotiation Tactics for Dealing with Bullies

Vancouver, Canada, April 29, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Steph Sharp, lead negotiator and finance expert on over 400 deals in 23 countries, is pleased to announce the release of her new book, titled “Bullies in the Boardroom: Negotiation Tactics for Leaders.”

This book shows the reader how to identify 23 common bully maneuvers and gives specific negotiation tactics for each one. Readers will discover what drives bullies, why they need different tactical approaches, and how to prepare to face bullies even before reaching the negotiating table. Bullies slow down negotiations, costing organizations Readers will also gain insights on challenges dealing with bullies, including:

· Breaking the pattern of bullying to get negotiations back on track
· Dealing with superiors who keep giving in
· Choosing the right tactic and having team support under pressure

“Most leaders ignore bullying behaviour until it escalates to the point where they have to fight back, in effect stopping the bully by becoming a bully,” says Ms. Sharp. “As a result, negotiations are dragged out, relationships deteriorate and valuable resources are wasted fighting fires. This book gives concrete, practical tactics to get the situation under control so that leaders can get back on track and close the deal.

The book comes out just in time for the United Nations International Anti-Bullying Day. To support the UN’s initiative, Steph Sharp is offering the book free on May 4. To find out how to get your free book, sign up here: www.BulliesintheBoardroom.com/freebook

In conjunction with the book’s release, Ms. Sharp will be offering a series of webinars to help readers develop their own process for stopping bullies in the boardroom. The first webinar will be held May 18th, at 12 PM (Pacific Time). To learn more, please contact Steph Sharp at info@BulliesintheBoardroom.com.

About Steph Sharp: Over the past 30 years, Steph Sharp has been closing deals and leading negotiations for corporations and governments worth over $17 billion for more than 400 clients in 23 countries. Today, she focuses on working with leaders to develop negotiation strategies to get their deal closed.

Steph Sharp, Ferax Consulting Corp., 604-802-2472, StephSharp@BulliesintheBoardroom.com
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