Qliktag Software Rolls Out Complete GDSN MR3 to Consumer SmartLabel™ Solution

Newport Beach, CA, May 02, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Qliktag Software Inc. who were among the first solution providers to launch a SaaS based platform for brands to deploy the GMA SmartLabel™ has rolled out an update which will support the upcoming GDSN MR3 (Major Release 3).

The company currently offers a complete GDSN to consumer SmartLabel™solution. Brands can import product data from GDSN into Qliktag’s platform and then instantaneously generate a GMA compliant SmartLabel™The platform also generates QR codes for each product and enables a brand to further layer on additional product level information in a SmartLabel™compliant fashion. With the announcement of the latest update, Qliktag’s solution will also support the upcoming GDSN Major Release 3 upgrade so brands can leverage existing GDSN data to easily deploy and manage SmartLabels™ using a single platform from one vendor.

“We understand one of the challenges brands face while deploying the new GMA SmartLabel™ is gathering the product data attributes that are displayed within SmartLabel. Our GDSN integration allows brands to use the existing data they have within GDSN and then append any additional attributes that are missing,” comments Kishore Gara, Director of Product Engineering at Qliktag Software Inc. The Company’s platform is currently in use by multiple GS1 member organizations across the world and houses trusted product data for over 1 million products.

“Not only does our platform make deploying and managing SmartLabels™ simple, we’re offering our SmartLabel™ solution to brands at $1 per product, per month which makes us the most cost effective way to implement SmartLabel™,” says Mike Briggs, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Qliktag Software. “We see the SmartLabel™ initiative as a key movement in consumer transparency and whether it’s a small manufacturer with a a couple of products maintained in spreadsheets or a global brand that has it’s data on GDSN or in a 3rd party PIM solution, you will find our platform simple, flexible and complete,” Mike adds.

The announcement of the update comes at a time when a number of brands and manufacturers are busy preparing for the upcoming roll-out of GDSN MR3 and are simultaneously evaluating their options to kick-start implementation on the SmartLabel™ initiative.

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