Citizens Commission on Human Rights to Protest American Psychiatric Association Convention in Atlanta, Georgia

Nashville, TN, May 01, 2016 --( The annual convention of the American Psychiatric Association takes place May 14-18, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. On Saturday, May 14, members of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) are organizing a protest in the name of justice for mental health.

Formed in 1969, today there are hundreds of thousands of CCHR chapters, groups and supporters all over the world, monitoring and exposing psychiatric abuse. CCHR stands up for the rights of parents and children, and works with a vast array of investigators, legislators, attorneys, journalists and others who fight for freedom of conscience,

And there is no time to spare. According to, children are being labelled, stigmatized and drugged in epidemic proportions: “There are currently 8 million U.S. children being prescribed psychiatric drugs, with more than 1 million between the ages of zero to five.”

In a website release inviting marchers, CCHR International states: “Children are becoming addicted to these drugs, many of which are in the same class of highly addictive drugs as cocaine, opium and morphine. Yet the American Psychiatric Association is doing nothing to stop this epidemic. Quite the opposite, they are now calling on the FDA to allow them to electroshock children who don’t respond to ‘treatment’ (drugs). This opens the door for millions of children experiencing side effects from the drugs, to be reclassified as ‘treatment resistant’ and to undergo electroshock as ‘treatment.’”

CCHR has invited all concerned citizens and organizations to join them in Atlanta on May 14.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a nonprofit mental health watchdog established by the Church of Scientology and the late Dr. Thomas Szasz, professor emeritus of psychiatry at SUNY Health Science Center, Syracuse to investigate psychiatric human rights abuses. For more information about CCHR, visit and
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Annette Freeman