Transformation, Freedom Highlight One Woman’s Journey in Award-Winning New Memoir

Dog Ear Publishing bestows its Award of Literary Excellence on “From Mormon to Mermaid: One Woman’s Voyage from Oppression to Freedom,” a story about one woman’s experiences in the Mormon Church and why she left.

Hesperia, CA, May 06, 2016 --( The search for truth infused every aspect of Lorelei’s life while growing up and as she continued on her life’s path. That same value is what drove her to spend 10 years crafting a memoir of her journey transforming from a devout Mormon to a transcendent mermaid. Dog Ear Publishing has recognized the craftsmanship of her new book with its Award of Literary Excellence, and she’s ecstatic.

“When I learned Dog Ear Publishing had awarded me its prestigious Literary Award of Excellence, it felt like someone handed me a glass of cool water after a very long marathon – exhilarating!” Lorelei said. “Since this is a book about my life and fifty years inside the Mormon Church, I take extra pride in recognition of a job well done. I believe that using the analogy of a mermaid sets my book apart and gives my story a unique place to shimmer.”

Books bestowed the Dog Ear Award of Literary Excellence have the award logo included on their covers. Winners are determined by the company’s editorial team. The managing editor, editorial services manager and the publisher review its recommendations.

Stephanie Seifer-Stringham, managing editor at Dog Ear, loved the memoir. “It is a deep look at what it’s like to be a woman in the Mormon Church,” she wrote. “The author shares her story with humor, affection, irony, and grace. She describes her journey frankly and touchingly. This is definitely an enlightening look into Mormonism and its unique peculiarities.”

Lorelei praised Seifert-Stringham’s editing job and her encouragement. “In fact, the reason I went with Dog Ear was because I wanted her literary edit. I made a good decision there.”

Lorelei also worked with other editors before bringing her project to the publishing company, such as Mike Foley and Randy Lee Eickhoff. “And it wouldn’t be fair of me if I didn’t credit my dad for his contributions,” she said. “Naming me after a mermaid turned out to be a glorious advantage when it came to writing my memoir. He gave me the net on which I’ve hung my story. And more than that, my father always encouraged my writing and poetry.”

She is hard at work promoting the memoir. Her official book launch will take place May 21 at Barnes & Noble in Victorville, California, and she can’t wait. She participated in an author event April 23 at the San Bernardino Public Library as well as a Spring Book Fair April 30 sponsored by the High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club with other authors in Apple Valley, California.

Lorelei’s profound respect for truth motivated her to write the book. “In our family, the purpose of life was living with truth – it influenced every decision, every act, everything we did. When my bishop asked me to teach the adult scripture class called Gospel Doctrine, I put my whole heart and soul into it. I spent over ten hours each week delving into church history preparing for my lesson. To my dismay, everything I had believed in began to crumble.

“This is the crux of my memoir – the search for value and truth. Truth about the decisions in my life, truth about the religious doctrine I grew up with, and truth about my place as a woman on what Carl Sagan called this ‘pale blue dot.’ After I was divorced, I discovered on a whole new personal level the devastating effects the Mormon Church’s doctrine has on devaluating women. Being a member of the Mormon Church is a very unhealthy place for a woman, particularly a single woman,” she said. “I wish to educate people who are interested about Mormons and their peculiar ‘man can be god’ doctrine and the life of one devout Mormon woman.”

The author was editor of her high school paper and attended Brigham Young University on a journalism scholarship. Lorelei is working on a poetry collection based on “From Mormon to Mermaid,” as well as a new novel.

An active member of the High Desert branch of the California Writers Club, Lorelei is also a published poet.

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From Mormon to Mermaid: One Woman’s Voyage from Oppression to Freedom
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-4293-0 246 pages $14.95 US

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