Retired Media Executive Turns His Passion for Classic Cars Into a New Career

Retired Mood Media Vice President turned his passion for classic cars and hot rods into an e-commerce business

San Ramon, CA, May 04, 2016 --( A retired Mood Media Vice President turned his passion for classic cars and hot rods into an e-commerce business and sell products world wide using tools that are available for small start ups.

After 24 years Jay Johnson hangs up his corporate job as Vice President at Mood Media formally Muzak an in-store music and media company to follow his passion for classic cars, hot rods and launches Vintage Auto Garage.

Vintage Auto Garage is an e-commerce business dedicated to providing classic car enthusiast and professionals with best in class products for American Classic cars, trucks and Hot Rods.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s Jay remembers when you could tell the difference between every make, model year cars and each fall his parents would load up the car and follow the search lights to the local auto dealers to see the new model cars. During High School Jay ended up working in a Dodge dealership cleaning cars and bought his first car a 1955 Chevy Bel Air and never lost his passion for cars.

According to Jay, it’s never too late to start a business and retirement is a great time to start, you have life and career experiences to draw from and are more patient to deal with what it takes to start and operate a business.

Jay recommends turning your passion or hobby into a business, you will have fun each day and never feels like work.

Building an e-commerce business was not going to be simple with a lot to learn and Jay needed good partners to help. He chose Austin Texas based Volusion for his web hosting service and Chandler AZ based infusionsoft to manage emails and CRM functions. Both companies have proven to be excellent partner to help grow his business.

Traffic is king when building an e-commerce business and Jay needed a fast and inexpensive way to build traffic and a email list.

Jay remembers when he was restoring his 1940 Ford 2 door sedan a few years ago and had a difficult time finding articles on how to convert his Fords 6 volt electrical system to 12 volts and thought by writing a step by step report how to convert to 12 volts would be a great way to start building traffic, emails and sales. He published his first free report and shares the advice in exchange for a persons information. According to Jay, If you help people in advance of a purchase by giving them knowledge you create trust, you simply can’t expect someone to buy from you without this trust.

This strategy has paid off, Vintage Auto Garage receives hundreds of requests for the companies free reports and by helping people and providing results in advance is seeing month over month sales growth.

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