Astera™ Attends the Biggest Pro-AV Event in Las Vegas|InfoComm 2016

Munich, Germany, May 05, 2016 --( #InfoComm2016 is the largest, most exciting event focused on the pro-AV industry, with more than 950 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees from 108+ countries. The InfoComm show is your once-a-year opportunity to see the latest and most innovative audiovisual technology and grow your professional network.

That's for the classic presentation of the fair but what is it really about?

Well, in simpler words, the biggest and most innovative Event Professionals will be gathered in one place – and not any place – Las Vegas, Nevada – The one place where “Event” is a daily business. In a place like Las Vegas, it becomes difficult to stand out of the crowd between over 950 exhibitors all focused at creating the “Amazing.” But again, when your products are #TalkBack+ - enabled, this is where you belong.

What is TalkBack+?
The earliest wireless lighting only received data, and they did what they were instructed to do through their control panel. If the fixture had a problem, the control system wouldn't know and keep sending data to execute. #TalkBack+ allows Wireless lamps to communicate all sorts of information directly to the App, such as “Battery level,” “Performance issues” or even “Anti-Theft” between many other useful information. AsteraApp™ V9.0 is the very first – only – and sole #Professional_App supporting this feature.

What are the direct advantages?
Except a tremendous time-saving, Astera™ is definitely changing the way Event Lightings are managed. Let's break down three of the main advantages that you will get thanks to #TalkBack+.

1- Battery Level
Most “Wireless” light is equipped with a battery. The only way to know that they are drained is when they turn off or start blinking. Thanks to #TalkBack+, the lamp now communicates directly with the App and shows its battery level. This allows you a better management of your lamps at any given time. (Not to worry too much though – Astera™ products are also capable of auto-calibration: which smart-manages the power consumption so that it maintains a permanent efficiency during your whole event.)

2- Performances & Addressing
Each lamp can be addressed individually, in groups, or altogether as they can be pointed at, straight from the App and without having to reach out to it. Basically, you will not need to assign a DMX address to each lamp since they are all available, addressable and responding directly. This can make a big difference when it comes to hard-accessible-installations in high-ground for example and indeed on the time and hassle you would need to set them up.

3- Anti-Theft
A new useful feature in Wireless Lighting. If your lamp is being moved, carried or even roughly handled, it sends a notification directly to the app and emits an “Alarm sound.” This avoids your lamp to get lost, or carried away during your event. Yet another feature that is simply unique to Astera™ products.

#TalkBack+'s potential is limitless and has just been introduced in the last Astera™ show @ProLight+Sound 2016 Event in Frankfurt. It already offers functions that were only available through hard-wired lamps. Astera™ is making sure to develop and exploit all of its capabilities and more innovations are announced in the near future but for now, we are already glad to have these unique features that are mature enough to make a great change in Event Management.

How and when?
In the next few days, the Version 9.0 of the AsteraApp™ will be available for upgrade but you can make sure to get the upgrade notification by downloading the #Free_App on the Google Play Store today.

This is not the first time Astera™ attends the InfoComm Event but thanks to its latest innovations not only in software but also across its whole product range, Astera™ is definitely one to visit. Apart from presenting the #TalkBack+, Astera™ will be presenting its new upgrades on

- LightDrop™ | The smallest and most compact Wireless Event Spotlight with its new CRMX chip;
- SpotMax™| The most powerful Wireless Event Spotlight;
- AX serie PiXelTube |The most advanced Wireless Event Tube on earth;

If you haven't heard yet, it is time to get up to date. You will meet Astera™ @ booth C4651 and if you care to know more in advance, you can visit the website
Tati Ghislain
(49) 89 21 55 22 535