GreatCircle Studios Offers Free Website Backup Service in Response to 123-Reg Fiasco

Updated service offering for leading hosting company

Newport, United Kingdom, May 05, 2016 --( GreatCircle Studios today announced that it has updated its service offering for existing and new website or email hosting clients by offering a complimentary data backup service.

“GreatCircle Studios offers our own independent and secure hosting platform using dedicated servers utilizing the highest methods in security, we already operated on a live mirrored backup service to maintain our 99% website 'up time' record for our 350+ website design and hosting clients, however we haven’t included it in our service agreements up until now,” said Daniel Dyer, President of GreatCircle Studios.

This comes just days after unaffiliated 123-Reg, a UK website hosting company, accidently deleted part of the internet with thousands of international websites affected by engineers erasing the incorrect VPS (virtual private server).

“Going forwards, existing and new clients can work with GreatCircle Studios safe in the knowledge that their websites will maintain a market leading 'uptime' as well as secure data backup, so that they can concentrate on their businesses and operations without the possible issues associated with a hosting company that doesn’t backup data as the norm,” continues Dyer.

With data protection rules being a large talking point over 2016 with the General Data Protection Regulations coming into force within the next two years, GreatCircle Studio’s offering has come at a poignant time where businesses are asking themselves “how and where should I store my data,” with further data security and data retention services coming from GreatCircle Studios in the coming months to help businesses adapt to forthcoming legislation, data storage and retention is becoming a hot topic on which GreatCircle Studios can provide assistance.

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