seeMore Recieves Infoworld Technology of the Year Award for Best Database Middleware Product

seeMore's Virtual Database Server has been named by InfoWorld as the Technology of the Year for Best Database Middleware Product for 2008.

Leeds, United Kingdom, January 10, 2008 --( seeMore Technologies & Solutions Ltd. today announced that the company's Virtual Database Server has been named by InfoWorld as the Technology of the Year for Best Database Middleware Product for 2008.

seeMore is among 49 winners, in nine general categories, of the 2008 Technology of the Year Awards selected by InfoWorld's Test Center editors and reviewers from more than 200 products tested during 2007. seeMore is featured online in the January 7, 2008 issue of the publication.

"It is a honour to be chosen by InfoWorld as the Best Database Middleware Product" said Phillip Carruthers, CEO of seeMore Technologies. "It validates seeMore as the best product for Enterprise Information Integration and Delivery for the Fortune 1000 companies looking to access their disparate data for reporting, business intelligence and Web 2.0 applications".

In InfoWorld's review of the seeMore Virutal Database Server, author Rich Grehan writes, "Imagine if you will: you are the chief database administrator for a large corporation. Your organization’s databases are on different continents, which has never been a problem. What is a problem is that those databases have been written by different divisions, using different database technologies: Oracle here, Sybase there, some Cobol down there, and so on."

Grehan continues, "Before you descend into full cardiac arrest, I’m happy to tell you that seeMore Technologies may have a solution that can rustle all those wandering databases into a single corral. Welcome to the Virtual Database zone."

seeMore has been designed for transparent integration with any data source in any format and in any location. seeMore allows corporations to securely access, aggregate, update and replicate strategic information residing on database servers across the enterprise, providing the accurate, real-time information essential to making successful business decisions. seeMore's ability to easily integrate disparate data sources enables corporations to leverage information to maximize their competitive advantage.

About seeMore Technologies & Solutions
seeMore Technologies is a provider of Corporate Data Operating System(tm) technologies through its Virtual Database Server technology for Enterprise Information Integration. seeMore's mission is to address a growing phenomenon within today's business infrastructures - the proliferation of multiple data sources across single organizations, multiple locations, across the supply chain and on the Web, and the increased need to utilize this information as if it were a single data source.

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