Glass Dry Erase Board Products from Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. Provide Point of Collaboration for Tech Companies

Holbrook, NY-based developers of display board technology, Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. are now inviting tech companies to review their latest glass dryerase board products. Their display boards are designed to allow for seamless communication across teams and to present complex information in a clear way to drive understanding and promote collaboration. It’s a solution that can help transform growing technology companies over many years.

Holbrook, NY, May 06, 2016 --( Within the tech sector, firms depend upon display board systems to help conduct team meetings. Information presented on display boards allows teams to understand their roles within upcoming projects, and can ensure that there’s no confusion on the direction of a particular project. Tech companies can also harness their display boards when presenting their latest innovations to large clients. As a way of standing out in a crowded market, companies are now working with trusted specialists for glass dry erase board products, Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc.

The Krystal™ display products stand out on the marketplace for their durability. Because they’re made from tempered glass, they don’t scratch or dent like traditional white boards. This ensures they remain their aesthetic best over many years. The Krystal™ team is also renowned for their understanding on design. They can design their display products to suit the unique branding needs of the individual tech company, helping them appeal to visiting potential clients and presenting them with stylish and seamless branding for their office spaces.

Another important feature of the Krystal™ products is their limited maintenance needs. Because information on the board can be erased with a simple rag, companies can minimize their long-term cleaning costs and allow their tech experts to focus on their area of expertise.

Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc.’s location in New York means they’re in prime position to conveniently ship their products from their warehouses. Shipping takes just a couple of days from the client’s order being taken!

To learn more, speak with the team at Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. at 877-367-5797 or visit their business website at
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