cair for Your Asthma and Allergies This Summer

NuWave sensors enjoyed a successful launch of their new product, cair, in Dublin on World Asthma Day with The Asthma Society of Ireland.

London, United Kingdom, May 08, 2016 --( NuWave Sensors has developed a unique sensor with app learning technology to track your air quality and “learn” the environmental conditions that are associated with your personal asthma or allergy triggers.

Designed and manufactured in Ireland and the UK, cair is a smart indoor air-quality sensor. “It is specifically targeted at consumers who have asthma, allergies or are concerned about the health effects of poor indoor air quality,” explains Dr Stephen Daniels, creator of cair and co-founder of NuWave Sensors.

“One of the most important things people can do is manage their environments through products like cair,” says Sharon Cosgrove, CEO of Asthma Ireland. Sharon continued “The Asthma Society of Ireland welcomes the partnership with cair and think this is a great tool.” The Asthma Society will sell cair through its website and will also be working with NuWave Sensors to carry out a study of indoor air quality this summer.

Noel Rock, Dublin City Councillor, added, “I have a personal interest in cair as an asthma sufferer myself. Prevention is better than a cure and a device such as this in your household is very useful.”

The cair unit is packed with sensors that gather information about the air in your home. Every 60 seconds it takes measurements of temperature, humidity, particles (large and fine) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air.

cair’s software analyses those details in the context of other factors (such as weather forecasts and pollen counts) and sends results back to an app on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Daniels explains, “You will see your indoor air quality data at a glance and cair will send you personalised early warning alerts when levels are moving out of the recommended zones.”

This is unique to cair as the software “learns” the environmental conditions associated with your asthma or allergy triggers by the user logging their symptoms, such as itchy eyes or sneezing, at the time of the event. These can be predictors of an upcoming attack.

“As an asthma sufferer myself I developed cair to empower people to manage their own triggers in their homes or office and up until now they haven’t been able to identify or were unaware of,” says Daniels.

Cair retails online at €159/£125

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