Birdie, an All New Game for Smartphones Hits Stores Across the World

Woweez Games announced the launch of Birdie, a challenging bird game for iOS and Android smartphones. The game is available free on Google Play and AppStore for almost all smartphones, tablets and phablets to enjoy and have fun in your free time.

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, May 10, 2016 --( Available on iOS and Android app stores, Woweez Games released Birdie, a totally new challenging game. Birdie, with lively animations is fun and visually stunning to play for hours continuously. It has been designed to grow and update over time for different and absorbing gaming experience for years.

Birdie is a maze runner bird game where the player has to rescue a cute little bird. The tiny little bird is trapped in a maze full of spikes, continuously flaps his wings and avoids touching the spikes. The player is assigned the task to save this little bird that is trapped inside this terrible maze.

The gameplay and controls of this 2D game are very simple. The players can direct the little bird to up, down, left and right by using the controls at bottom right of the screen. With the direction given to the bird, it would start flapping its wings, so players have to fly the bird without touching the spikes. The tiny bird continues fluttering itself to avoid the spikes in the maze, players would just decide its path to get as far as possible while avoiding these obstacles.

This game is completely interactive and players can have 100% control over the bird to move it in any direction. You can download the free version of Birdie from Google Play and AppStore For more information visit To join the conversation, like their games on Facebook and follow @WoweezGames on Twitter.

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