Vansh Games Launches Legend of Vyas Expansion Pack Kickstarter

Singapore-based startup Vansh Games just launched their month-long Kickstarter campaign for their expansion set, Legend of Vyas, Might & Fury: Bhima vs Duryodhana. This is the first time that a game based on the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata, has been launched on Kickstarter, an international crowdfunding platform.

Singapore, Singapore, May 12, 2016 --( · The game, Legend of Vyas, is based on the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata
· The campaign for expansion set, Might & Fury, is now on Kickstarter at

Might & Fury will complement the first volume – The Better Bowman: Arjuna vs Karna – and add to the fun, intrigue and sophisticated play of Legend of Vyas, a fast-paced card game where players strategically build their army to defeat their opponent.

While The Better Bowman had beloved legendary Indian mythological heroes, Arjuna and Karna, Might & Fury will have two other popular Mahabharata characters, Bhima and Duryodhana, as opposing heroes. The expansion set will have 32 other cards that can be used in a game on its own, or better still, added to the cards from The Better Bowman to enable players to build stronger armies and create more interesting gameplay. Like the first volume, Might & Fury will engage talented digital artists to meet the standards of the amazing artwork seen in The Better Bowman.

“The Mahabharata has so many intriguing characters, plots and subplots that we feel it makes The Game of Thrones seem pale in comparison. Its given us rich fodder to create a game that has gotten very positive feedback, both in gameplay and artwork. In our expansion set, we’ll continue to stick closely to the characters and storylines in the Mahabharata,” said Legend of Vyas creator and Vansh Games Director, Varun Devanathan.

Vansh Games’ vision is not only to produce an exciting, enjoyable game but to also present the Mahabharata in a format that will pique the interest of the younger generation as well as people not familiar with the richness of the Indian mythology.

Legend of Vyas has so far received positive publicity, mainly in the Indian media, and has been reviewed favourably on several gaming websites and blogs.

Vansh Games’ funding goal of USD30,000 will allow it to develop 32 new customized cards, working with an international team of professional artists. These cards will be professionally printed and packaged as a physical high-quality game. If it achieves a stretch goal of USD50,000, Vansh Games will take Legend of Vyas a notch higher and develop a multiplayer mat with a different set of rules to create a different gameplay experience.

At the lowest funding levels, backers will receive a beautiful screensaver comprising artwork from Might & Fury. From USD40 and upwards, funders will each receive the full expansion pack of Might & Fury. For higher-priced tiers of USD250 and above, canvas prints of various amazing artwork will be included, and for USD10,000 or more, funders will also get a trip to Comic Con in Mumbai, where they will be able to cosplay with custom made armour and costumes.

“We’ve been told by many that they are wowed by the Legend of Vyas artwork. This is one reason why we wanted to share the love and make the artwork accessible for most of the funding tiers,” said Varun.

The Kickstarter campaign for Might & Fury will run till 7 June 2016, and can be found at

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About Legend of Vyas

The Mahabharata, an epic chronicled by the great sage Vyasa, is rich with characters and plots that have fascinated generations of Indians as well as non-Indians. Treachery and intrigue are as much a part of the epic as honour and bravery.

The Legend of Vyas delves into the rift in the Kuru dynasty, and gives players an opportunity to take on the personas of some of the key characters and re-live their stories through an exciting card game that involves strategy, skills and a touch of fortune. Through the game, players get to explore the fierce rivalries between the greatest warriors of that era.

In the game, players take on the role of legendary warrior heroes from the Mahabharata. Each hero has 40 Health Points at the start of the game. By arming themselves with an array of weaponry, meting out boons and curses, summoning mighty warriors to take their side, and manoeuvring their army into strategic formations, players aim to reduce their opponent Hero’s Health Points to zero. The player who is able to do so first wins the game.

As players employ the cards in their deck to defeat their opponents, they get a glimpse into Vyasa’s epic with the commentary provided on each card. They can further their understanding of the various characters, events and weapons by going to the website

About Vansh Games:

Vansh Games is a Singapore-based startup with founders from Singapore, India and Malaysia. Our professional backgrounds are incredibly diverse, including, software engineering, medicine, marketing, and corporate communications. Vansh Games came into being in January 2015, as a confluence of those skills and interests. The company’s goal is to present Indian mythology to today's generation in an exciting and accessible medium, in order to pique their interest and educate young people about our myths and legends.
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