GS1 Belgilux trustBox Platform Continues Its Success with New Version

Leading data aggregator provider, Qliktag Software, provides new and improved platform to meet GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg brands and retailers’ needs.

Newport Beach, CA, May 11, 2016 --( GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg B2B GS1 Source Compliant data aggregator, trustBox, with over 100,000 GTINS continues to be a success for brands and retailers. TrustBox is powered by Newport Beach CA based Qliktag Software’s proprietary Q*Aggregator product. Qliktag is a leader in GS1 Source compliant data aggregation services with over one million products being aggregated.

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg is one of the most progressive GS1 member organizations, with trustBox being deployed for GS1 Belgilux’s member organizations in August 2014. Trustbox offers a robust product data aggregator which can be used to deliver trusted product data to third party recipients as well as consumers and provides access to accurate product data, nutritional information and verified data on a daily basis. GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg and Qliktag Software have been working together closely to continue to enhance trustbox by improving performance, building trustbox to be GDSN MjR3 compliant, adding more options for IAP’s and creating a user friendly platform.

“Trustbox is GS1 source compliant. And it is a success, with 100,000 GTINS and 1,800 companies in the system with validated data. When the existing platform became outdated and needed replacing to improve usability and performance, Qliktag worked with us on our requirements and delivered a strong platform. We can now offer trustBox to Internet Application Providers while increasing the search functions, and facilitate the upload of data with ease,” says Jan Somers, CEO, GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.

“Working together with several GS1 Member Organizations, we have built next generation data aggregation platform that is GS1 Source compliant and offers enhanced usability, performance and data security,” comments Dilip Daswani, CEO, Qliktag Software.

With this latest release of trustBox, GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg, brands and retailers now have access to the newest features including:

· Dashboard statistics which can be filtered to offer better insights into how much data is going into the system and who is making calls to access product data within the aggregator.
· Product Viewer which offers a visual view of the data for each product loaded in the system.
· Data Recipient Setup which allows the GS1 MO to restrict ‘Data Recipients’ access to specific GLNs, GPCs, GTINs and on how much of the data the recipient has access to providing security and control of data flow.
· Opt-In / Opt-Out feature which allows the GS1 MO to indicate whether a supplier’s data is available by default to all recipients Or whether each recipient needs to be explicitly enabled.
· API which is a reworked API that is 100% GS1 Source compliant.

About GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg
GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg develops the GS1 standards for automatic identification (barcodes & RFID), electronic data interchange and product data synchronization. Typical applications of the GS1 standards are product scanning at the cash register and in logistics, traceability, linking of electronic messages, authentication of medical products and collaboration concepts between manufacturers and retailers.

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Contact: Jan Somers – CEO – Rue Royale 76 – B1 – 1000 Bruxelles – Belgium or for the project team

About Qliktag
Qliktag Software Inc. is an innovator of digital engagement software solutions focused on consumer products bridging the gap between brands and buyers to foster stronger relationships and more personalized connections. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, USA, the company products include Q*Engine a cloud based digital engagement platform for products andQ*Aggregator, an online B2C product data aggregation platform.

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