Austin Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Mazin Foteh, Improves Patient Outcomes and Reduces Costs

Dr. Mazin Foteh, Vascular Surgeon, is a US leader in improving patient outcomes and reducing costs in today's shift to value based healthcare.

San Clemente, CA, May 11, 2016 --( Dr. Mazin Foteh performed an endovascular recanalization procedure on a patient with severe peripheral arterial disease. The procedure commonly performed for limb salvage was video streamed to a live audience. A pioneer in minimally invasive endovascular operations, Dr. Foteh is one of the leading vascular surgeons in the US, demonstrating to healthcare professionals how he is using state of the art technology in Austin Texas in the fight for limb salvage. During the procedure, Dr. Foteh engaged in a two-way conversation of questions and answers as the audience viewed two live video streams from a remote location.

Many patients, including diabetics suffer from diseased arteries in their legs, called peripheral artery disease. Peripheral artery disease causes severe pain and if not treated correctly can lead to amputation. Many interventional physicians treat peripheral artery disease but not aggressive, therefore unsuccessful, which leads to repeat procedures and added costs.

Dr. Foteh’s solutions to this problem were demonstrated on Monday – live from the O.R. Dr. Foteh performed a state of the art procedure whereby he re-establishes blood flow in the leg, but unlike his peers, he treats the blockage, in multiple modalities. These include debulking of plaque, balloon angioplasty and possibly even stenting the artery depending on the patients need. It was these techniques Dr. Foteh was demonstrating to the live audience. Dr. Foteh is able to do what experts are calling “the new frontier of healthcare”; improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

Technically speaking, Dr. Foteh performed a peripheral angioplasty and atherectomy, an endovascular surgical technique. To perform the angioplasty he used equipment supplied from Abbott Vascular. To remove the arterial blockage, Dr. Foteh used equipment called Diamondback, from CSI 360. Although, there are many companies to choose from for the stent, Dr. Foteh uses Abbott because their stent is made uniquely using a woven structure that allows for a stronger design which means the stent will stay open much longer then other stents. Dr. Foteh uses CSI 360's Diamondback to remove the arterial blockage because it is the only company to make this state of the art device. The procedure was streamed using BANG Surgical’s telementoring system.
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