Book on Christian Renewal from Telical Books Seeks to Avoid Divisiveness

Seattle, WA, May 11, 2016 --( Telical Books of Seattle, Washington has released a new book on spiritual renewal called “Meditations on Christian Revival.” The author, Robert Pearson, pen name “R.S. Pearson,” had written three books on the types of psychological problems people can have on the spiritual path. Now he has written one to examine what religious fervor can look like when it is of a sound-mind, of great value, and well-respected by the community. His new book tries to get people to focus on more important things than simple differences in doctrine. Pearson seeks to help people understand that going to church can be a ministry in itself.

Pearson realizes that churches are cultural centers of great learning. They are beautiful on the inside, and places where classical musicians often play concerts. They are also places where people get together to offer soup kitchens and food banks. People hear each Sunday motivational talks to help them overcome their limitations. In Pearson's book, there is a section that reads "Going to church in a loving, prayerful, non-divisive manner is a ministry in itself. It is not a ministry necessarily because we are in the role of teaching others there, but it is a ministry because we help it to stay open by being one of the people that attend there.”

Pearson also thinks that Christians are too divisive among themselves. He himself takes ideas from different denominations such as Evangelical, Orthodox, and Pentecostal, and he was raised Catholic. “I am not saying that there should be one scary, unified church,” Pearson jokes. “I just think we should respect each other more. People used to have the luxury to act critical, but now with less Christian influence on society, we should be more united and loving to each other.”

Pearson elaborates, “You get certain people who love classical music, and they want to go to a church were classical music is being played on Sunday. There are a lot of churches like that. You also want people who want to hear rock on Sunday. But I believe today we are living in a culture where less educated people often are being influenced to not trust people who have more education than them, so naturally, some are targeting more educated churches as ‘dead.’ I think today we need to have more respect and understanding and get from the other what they have in greater amount.”

Pearson says, “Jesus had a great prayer in the Gospel of John, Chapter 17, that showed how he asked God that His followers would be one. It’s a prayer that we can really answer today by allowing each other our differences without judging and condemning. This unity in fact is going on more now than it was before.”

There is also a serious side to this lack of respect between denominations. Pearson says “There is an idea known as ‘divide and conquer.’ The idea is that if you can take a large group, and divide it into little segments, you can pick off those little segments one at a time. I believe that’s what the ‘dark side of the force’ if you will, wants to do. I also think that the people who talk about major Christian leaders such as Billy Graham as not being real Christians are themselves suspect and causing this division.”

Pearson thinks that it is obvious today with all the violence and homelessness that there has to be more of an influence of the church in society. But he says people are not often focusing on this. “Instead of focusing on winning the souls who are really in trouble, who are friendless, maybe homeless. and encouraging the Christian vision regardless of a personal choice of church, it seems struggling with other professing Christians can be the main things on some people’s mind,” Pearson laments. “There are other things in spiritual practice than doctrine. If we can stop focusing on an idea that we are better than some other denomination because of some difference in doctrine, and try to help souls reach God, we may find that we can cooperate with each other to get more things done.”
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