Oceans 2 Earth Launches New Brisbane Wildlife Care Project

Melbourne, Australia, May 13, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers (O2E) is a not for profit wildlife volunteering organisation and facilitates amazing volunteering and adventure travel experiences for ethically minded animal and conservation lovers.

O2E specialises in animal welfare volunteering programs in Australia. Their latest project was recently launched in Brisbane and allows everyday people to care for Australian wildlife. The new project, “Wallabies, Kangaroo and Possum Care” aims to provide direct care to some of Brisbane's wildlife.

Brisbane is blessed with a wide range of wildlife, and it is unfortunate that so many are hurt, usually from some kind of human intervention. O2E offers volunteers the opportunity to help in building the sustainability of wildlife by being involved in the day to day care of these animals. Many animals are received due to injury or become orphaned due to loss of a parent and can stay in care for up to two years.

Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers have focused on animals, wildlife and conservation in Australia and overseas since 2010. The organisation is run by volunteers who recruit other like-minded volunteers from around the world so that resources are given to care and rehabilitation animals. O2E offers many volunteering opportunities in Australia and abroad including turtle rehabilitation and wildlife care and rehabilitation and assist animal welfare organisations in Australia, Ecuador, Malawi, Kenya, Mexico, Thailand and the Galapagos Islands.

If you want to contribute by protecting and caring for injured, sick, orphaned and threatened wildlife, visit the Oceans 2 Earth website and sign up to assist in this new endeavour, “Wallabies, Kangaroo and Possum Care.”

About the Company:

Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers (O2E) was founded by and is run by volunteers to offer volunteering and adventure travel experiences for animal and conservation lovers, in order to positively impact the issues of animal mistreatment and environmental destruction through first-hand experience and engagement. O2E raises funds for animal welfare and habitat protection NGO’s (non-governmental organisations) by providing responsible travel and volunteering consistent with O2E’s Ethical Standards and Wildlife Code.
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