eCycle Opportunities Selects Competition Graphics to Help Promote Cutting Edge Electronics Recycling Program

Competition Graphics is helping get the word out about nonprofit recycling program.

Farmington Hills, MI, May 13, 2016 --( Did you know that Americans generate 3.5 million tons of e-waste per year? That’s according to It also states that every two years the percentage will increase by 30 percent or more.

Calling it e-waste is a little misleading, that’s because electronics actually contain valuable metals like gold, platinum and silver. In fact, in a report from the Michigan 4-H Youth Conservation Council, The GSM Association said that from every one million cell phones that are recycled, 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 33 pounds of palladium, and 35,274 pounds of copper can be reclaimed.

That’s where eCycle Opportunities comes in. Its goal is to keep those materials out of landfills and thanks to Competition Graphics more people will now know about the nonprofit recycling program.

“It’s an honor to be called upon to create a moving billboard for such an important endeavor,” said Joe Mikulas, lead designer at CG. “As community members, we believe in the mission of recycling old electronics versus dumping them into landfills.”

Not even a year old, eCycle has already recycled 150,000 pounds of e-waste. It was created last June as a subsidiary of JVS in Southfield.

The nonprofit not only helps the environment it also employs people who may otherwise have a hard time finding a job – like people with disabilities, veterans or homeless individuals.

“Our goal is to reuse or recycle electronics,” says Stacey Lareau, general manager of eCycle and director of new business development for JVS. “We also want to create an inclusive workforce that we hope will be modeled outside of our agency where people of all sorts of abilities will be working together for the common goal.”

A grant allowed eCycle to buy a new truck and the nonprofit chose CG to design it after seeing the CG logo on another nonprofit vehicle.

“Our challenge was finding a company that would help us determine what image and messaging to put on the truck to best communicate our mission to the public,” said Lareau. “The team at Competition Graphics was phenomenal to work with and helped us decide on the right photo and information for the truck.”

“As image engineers, we think long and hard about where our message appears, in this case the eCycle truck, to ensure it fully communicates what’s needed,” said Mikulas. “That’s the care we take to look beyond the expected and work to grow the potential of our clients.”

“The truck is pivotal,” said Lareau. “Until we got the truck we didn’t have a dependable vehicle. The advertising is also key because now when we pull up, people know who we are. They’ll notice our truck at events and since we don’t have any signage at the JVS building, seeing the truck in the parking lot will let people know they’re in the right place.”

“It’s more than just a sign, it’s a symbol,” said Kim Graziosi, communications director for JVS. “It’s showing our community what we’re doing and how we can help them be more environmentally responsible.”

Thanks to eCycle, companies and individuals can confidently hand over their computers and electronics, knowing that the information stored in them will be destroyed and that the systems will be recycled. Two certifications ensure eCycle’s responsible handling of electronics: The Responsible Recycling Practices Standard R2 Certification and the Recycling Industry Operation Standard or RIOS Certification.

“There are a lot of people out there who will say they’ll recycle your computers, but once you hand them off, you don’t know what’s happening to them,” said Lareau. “Because of our certifications we’re audited to make sure that we’re doing what we say we’re doing and that things are shredded, destroyed and properly recycled.”

Most items are recycled at no expense and all donations are tax deductible.

You can drop off items at two locations: JVS Headquarters at 29699 Southfield Road in Southfield or at the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield at 6600 West Maple Road. You can also call eCycle at: 248-233-4477.

Right now eCycle employs five people, by next year Lareau says she’s hoping to double that. By then, maybe another truck will be in the works and Competition Graphics will be there once again to lend a helping hand.

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