Oceans 2 Earth Launched New Great Barrier Reef Marine Conservation Project

Oceans 2 Earth organisation offers volunteering contributions to issues of animal mistreatment and environmental destruction.

Melbourne, Australia, May 14, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Oceans 2 Earth organisation offers volunteering contributions to issues of animal mistreatment and environmental destruction. They have recently launched a new project, the “Great Barrier Reef Marine Conservation” project.

Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers offers not for profit volunteering opportunities for individuals who wish to assist with local solutions to global problems and animal welfare. The organisation has focused on animals, wildlife and marine conservation in Australia and abroad since 2010, and being one of the leading volunteer organisations, they have developed a new project the “Great Barrier Reef Marine Conservation” in conjunction with Great Barrier reef Marine Park Authority (GRUMPA). The volunteer programexplores and monitors sea life in the open water of the outer reef, and collects records for marine research and conservation. O2E’sprogram offers the volunteer a unique experience as they help collect important data to assist in conserving the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Australia and help meet the reef’s obligations towards the ‘Reef 2050 Plan.’

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders on this planet. It is located along the Far North Queensland coast and is diverse withan endless myriad of marine plants and animals. The ecosystem of reef consists of sea turtles, reef fish, sharks, hard and soft corals and migrating whales, and is an important part of Australia’s ecosystem. O2E sees the importance of the reef and now offers volunteers the opportunity to get involved with this unique work.

Oceans 2 Earth (O2E) is a well-known not for profit volunteering organisation that offers unique animal welfare and wildlife habitat conservation volunteer projects. O2E specialising in offering numerous wildlife conservation volunteering projects in Australia and all over the world so that animal and environmental lovers can travel, experience and contribute at a meaningful grassroots level.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a nature lover and want to take part in an amazing marine conservation project to help save the Great Barrier Reef, then visit O2E today.

About the Company:
Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers (O2E) was founded by and is run by volunteers to offer volunteering and adventure travel experiences for animal and conservation lovers, in order to positively impact the issues of animal mistreatment and environmental destruction through firsthand experience and engagement. O2E raises funds for animal welfare and habitat protection NGO’s (non-governmental organisations) by providing responsible travel and volunteering consistent with O2E’s Ethical Standards and Wildlife Code.
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