L.E.M.G. Presents Untainted Artistry in Sam Letric. "Money, Fame and Sex" is Fresh Yet Seemingly Nostalgia in All That Exudes a Musical Artist on Today's Scene.

Sam Letric - Pop/Soul singer-songwriter, multi-musician, and music producer - announces the upcoming release of his full-length album, 7days. "Money Fame And Sex" - Original Composition is the first official release from the new Pop/Soul album. The Vimeo release has soared with an amazing response of views & the YouTube release seems poised to follow that pace. Billboard Discoveries touted Mr. Letric as "smooth and sensuous as high end silk."

Tampa, FL, May 14, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Sam Letric releases the music video "Money Fame, And Sex" - Original Composition from his new album (7Days). This album illustrates the dynamic metamorphosis of the "original" artist with distinct sensibility of his own depth and range in both vocal and instrumental talents. This is seen as the artist creates three (3) variations of the song "Money Fame & Sex." "Money Fame & Sex" - Original Composition characterizes Letric's daily journey: dealing with the process of creating and the allure of stardom all the while remaining true to the purity of his craft. The music video gives the audience access to the artist during the creation process. The poignancy of the song is found in the delicate balance between vocals and instrumental. The melodic hook hypnotizes the listener, drawing the audience into a palpable love story between the artist and his craft. "Money, Fame and Sex" is the first of many unique compositions that further validate the originality of Sam Letric's artistry.
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