San Antonio Bed Bug Removal Experts Family Pest Control Begin New Campaign to Highlight Health Hazards of Bed Bugs

San Antonio, TX-based specialists for bed bug removal solutions, Family Pest Control has recently begun a new campaign to educate clients on the health dangers posed by bed bugs. Millions of American homes are now infested with bed bugs, and these small insects can cause a number of health issues, including severe allergic reactions. It’s a danger that highlights the importance of proactive bed bug control solutions.

San Antonio, TX, May 15, 2016 --( With many North American families now facing bed bug infestations within their home, many of the country’s leading insect control firms are helping to educate clients on both the signs of infestation and the dangers that infestation can pose for families. The team at Family Pest Control are recognized leaders within this marketplace, and they’ve recently begun a campaign to educate clients on the range of dangers bed bugs pose.

One of the most common health risks associated with bed bugs is the allergic reactions that can occur when the bed bug breaks the skin. A bed bug bite can lead to a read itchy patch on the skin, and in some cases can lead to significant swelling that requires medical attention. Children and the elderly are particular at risk from an adverse reaction to bed bug bites. This mean that homeowners must respond adeptly and contact a specialist if they suspect a bed bug issue in their home.

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