Dr. Ralph G. Perrino Receives Jean C. Netherton Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service for 2016

Dr. Ralph G. Perrino, Founder and Director of Northern Virginia Tutoring Service, has been awarded the prestigious Northern Virginia Community College Jean C. Netherton Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service at Northern Virginia Community College.

Falls Church, VA, May 15, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Ralph Perrino, Director of Northern Virginia Tutoring Service, and long-time professor of Sociology at Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), was awarded the Jean C. Netherton Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service at a ceremony on April 29, 2016. Northern Virginia Community College is comprised of six campuses with a student body of nearly 80,000. Dr. Perrino, who has taught at several campuses of NVCC, currently teaches at the Alexandria Campus.

The Jean C. Netherton Award is the Alexandria Campus award which recognizes employees for outstanding service to the campus community during their tenure at the College. Nominations and letters of support for Dr. Perrino were submitted by his colleagues, supervisor, and students.

Perrino was recognized by Margaret Emblom-Callahan, Chair of the Campus Council, as well as his previous Assistant Dean, Professor Emerita Dr. Connie Elsberg. Elsberg said of Perrino “In the course of his long association with NOVA’s Alexandria campus, he has been as dependable and supportive as anyone could be. I can’t think of anyone who has been steadier in his commitment to students and to the campus. He has enriched the lives of hundreds of students and the lives of fellow faculty members. I really can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.” One of his students stated “Professor Perrino is a true humanitarian. He is a very kind, knowledgeable and understanding professor who enjoys teaching, which shows in the way he engages his students and encourages them to participate by using critical thinking skills to discuss each topic.”

Dr. Perrino has taught as a full-time and adjunct faculty member at the college since 1984. He has taught courses in Business Management, Political Science, and Sociology. He holds a masters degree in public administration and a doctoral degree in education from George Mason University.

Dr. Perrino, a long-time advocate of the value of community college education, is thankful for the opportunity he has been given to teach at NVCC. “I believe that my love of teaching, even after 32 years, is infectious. Students in my classes come away with a different perspective than they did when they entered class on the first day. That perspective is sociological, of course. However, it is also steeped in everyday reality. My parting words to students each semester are 'What story will you have to tell in 50 years?' Will it be how much money you accumulated, how large your home is, or how grand your automobile is? Or, will you be able to tell of how you made a difference in the lives of people? In the end, it is all about testimony,” stated Dr. Perrino.

Dr. Perrino is the author of a book titled Issues, Strategies, and Concerns in Education Today – A Collection of Essays. This compilation of essays, including several on the value of a community college education, is the culmination of more than twenty years as a business owner and thirty-two years in the classroom. Dr. Perrino has seen first-hand the confusion and frustration parents and students experience as they proceed through the K-12 and college years.

The book is available by contacting Northern Virginia Tutoring Service at www.nvtutoring.com, or in hard copy and Kindle versions at www.amazon.com.

Northern Virginia Tutoring Service (NVTS) provides learning solutions for K-12, college, and graduate students, with a highly personalized and individualized one-on-one plan for academic success. NVTS has been helping students and their families since 1995. Northern Virginia Tutoring urges parents to be proactive advocates for their children. Parents who create partnerships between students, teachers and qualified tutors can ensure a happy and successful school year.

For a media copy of the book, please contact Dr. Perrino.

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