New Book: Reset Your World With What They Didn't Teach Us

Visionary, Writer and Owner of Reset Your World LLC, Stephanie, has written a new book and three guides to target the minds of many to access their truth by sharing the journey of hers.

Brooklyn, NY, May 22, 2016 --( Life has been well traveled by the author of Reset Your World With What They Didn't Teach Us. This book is a creative eye opener to the common situations or struggles we all encounter daily and it administers life philosophies that can be utilized by anyone. The What’s In Your H.E.A.R.T.? three volume guides are designed to encourage and help people to identify what’s in their heart so they can learn about who they really are, and by knowing this they can experience success in any aspect of their lives.

The overall message this company aims to deliver is the mere act of tapping into our truth can allow an individual to unleash the best parts of themselves. For the human mind is merely designed for expansion and there is no limit to the way we see, think, feel, relate, or grow.

Reset Your World With What They Didn’t Teach Us, 5 Simple Secrets To Experience Healthy Love, 5 Keys To Success Lie Within Your Heart and 5 Ways To Access Your Real Truth are all published by Createspace is now available at online outlets such as Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and others for general reading.

About Reset Your World

Reset Your World LLC is designed to restore balance, inspire and help others access their truth. The 'What's In Your H.E.A.R.T.?" slogan challenges, encourages and teaches individuals to access what lies within their hearts and minds to overall create a better life.

The sole mission of Reset Your World LLC is to be a platform that host events, provide services and products that continue to highlight and allow people to be their best selves.

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