Powerful Insights to Transform Your Life Today and Forever

Smyrna, GA, January 09, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Let's Talk Intuition, 101 Powerful Insights to Transform Your Life Today and Forever, proves that intuition, a natural gift everyone is born with, gives you the power to bring greater joy, inner peace, love and success into your life.

This book details how seven intuitive senses of intuition guide and protect you in twenty-four areas of life. It describes how to:

- Increase your finances and make right decisions
- Improve your personal relationships and time management
- Find what you love doing and select proper foods to eat
- Locate missing loved ones and lost objects

It also describes why:

- You feel an urge to call or visit someone
- You hear a phone ring before it rings
- People, places and objects boost or drain your energy
- Jokes prove prophetic and guesses reveal information

And much more.

Annie dreams about a job opportunity and interviews for it. Bill intuitively knows which retailer’s stock will rise and invests in it. Kim intuitively tastes the exact medicine to swallow to recover faster from the flu and does so. The Wallace family intuitively feels stomach butterflies pointing to a neighbor and their missing daughter, and calls police. These people listen to their intuition.

“Trust your intuition and watch your life prosper,” says Darlene Pitts, author and intuition consultant. “When I heed my intuition, I avoid time wasters, traffic accidents, unhealthy relationships and financial investment scams. You can, too.”

Let's Talk Intuition, book ISBN 978-0-978-5589-0-1, $14.95, and ebook ISBN 978-0-978-5589-1-8, $10.95, both 192 pages, are available from www.inspirationandintuition.com. For more information, contact Darlene Pitts at 770-434-5240 or dpitts@inspirationandintuition.com.

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Darlene Pitts