"Death Isn't Funny" - Debut Short Story Collection from Chicago Queer Author

Chicago, IL, May 19, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Death isn’t funny. Right?

Queers. Depressed people. Weird sex. Absurdism. Two stoners who might discover time travel. Drugs everywhere, for that matter. Dissolving relationships and relationships in bloom. Love. Hate. Death. Death isn't funny. Right?

Adam Witt, a new voice in American queer fiction, has released his collection "Death Isn’t Funny" for download for the Kindle and in PDF format. His debut displays topics ranging from Midwestern misery to the absurdity of American politics, with stops at sentient lungs and penetrating portraits of relationships gone south. A true contribution to modern American queer fiction, Death Isn’t Funny might not change the whole landscape - but it will change the reader. As LGBTQ literature blossoms, new voices continuously emerge - and Witt’s is well worth a listen.

Witt has edited and published collections of short fiction and nonfiction writing and art, a skill set he brings to bear on his first book. The work is a sometimes-melancholy love letter to the world he inhabits - one of Midwestern decay, the absurdity of human relationships, and in the end the overwhelming hope for something beautiful found in the rubble.

Readers have already expressed their interest in Witt’s vision by purchasing many copies of his book on the first day of release alone.

"I've felt so lucky to see so much interest in this," Witt says. "It's my love letter to literary fiction and short fiction, but, more importantly, to being queer, and to the LGBTQ world. It's also a little dive into my own psychological landscape, which is as dark and absurd as the book."

Adam D. Witt. adamDwitt@gmail.com. www.twitter.com/adamwitt. 708 439 9611.
Adam Witt