ExeBTC Launches Website to Serve Worldwide Investors

Delaware City, DE, May 22, 2016 --(PR.com)-- For years, ExeBTC has been a leader in the finance world, building a reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable alternative for those looking for risk management and advisory services. However the quickly-growing company is currently expanding its services to a new online web platform, ExeBTC.com, which will bring their wide range of services to a global client base, and serve as the premier site for Bitcoin investment.

A range of investment packages provide clients of all types access to impressive rates of return, ranging from 125% to 220% in between one to three months. While the higher rates demand a larger initial investment, new market players can get in on the ground floor for as little as .2 BTC (about $90).

"By devoting the best talent we have available to design our new platform, and providing the same level of expert financial services we are known for, ExeBTC is confident that everyone from first-time investors to well-seasoned professionals will find the services they are looking for, and the returns they expect. As the only website that seeks to offer the best return on investment to the largest pool of clients, we believe that our company has caught on to something truly unique and special," said Mark Exer the CEO of ExeBTC.

An initial visit to ExeBTC.com will reveal a simple, scroll-down interface which provides information on the company, one-click pathways to investing in Bitcoin, a range of investment plans, and access to the Bitcoin client which will allow for simple Bitcoin exchange. The Basic investment package promises a 125% rate of return within 30 days, while the VIP option lists a 220% rate of return over 90 days. The range of options is designed to allow visitors to choose the level that is most comfortable to them while still offering flexibility.

In the past seven years, Bitcoin has played a dramatic role in the world of online investment, inventing a completely new medium of exchange which utilized the most up to date security protocols to ensure safe and reliable transactions. Bitcoins themselves are completely digital, but act as a very real investment opportunity, regularly bought and sold by people all over the world.

At $450 USD per Bitcoin today, this new currency has shown a steady upward swing for the past two years. (cryptocoinsnews.com/bitcoin-price-rolling-bounce). And while its history to date reveals its share of boom and bust, the dramatic rise from $225 per coin in 2015 leaves experts optimistic. As forward-thinking online investors continue to watch price trends for Bitcoin rise, the world grows steadily more confident in the currency’s future success and stability. Meanwhile, the responsibility of bringing Bitcoin investment opportunities to the masses is left to forward-thinking companies like ExeBTC.

ExeBTC.com is an online resource for the world’s leading Bitcoin investors, providing risk management and advisory services on an individual and institutional basis. With a team of experts prepared to offer comprehensive advice and a range of investment solutions, they are equipped to offer first rate services to public and private clients across the globe.
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