Wordset Associates with Daffodil Software for Its Collaborative Dictionary App

Gurgaon, India, May 20, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Wordset is the world’s first structured, collaborative open dictionary. It is a fully mobile application which also works offline. Even if you are offline or without any connection, your app will have thousands of words and its meanings to lookup.

With around database of 108,139 words and 250,283 improvements, Wordset is quite popular app on iOS and Android, setting high standards with outrageous ratings and 500,000 plus downloads on Play Store.

Hampton Catlin, CEO - Wordset, and inventor of Sass, Haml and m.wikipedia.org, said that, “I wanted an advanced online collaborative dictionary on Android and iOS with features such as super-fast typing, spell checking, and quick access to words using phonetic word match with short and simple word definitions.”

“I always seek uniqueness in a product. That was when I decided that this dictionary will have a feature where users can contribute via creating new words and suggest improvements. The dictionary needed to suitable for both the mobile and tablet reader with the integration of an app monetization system as well,” he added, “In such a scenario we needed someone with superlative skills in building mobile apps and we were lucky to find Daffodil Software.”

Daffodil Software is a leading Indian IT company with over 17 years of expertise in IT solutioning and more recently one of the top Indian companies to readily advance in the mobile app development arena.

Rajat Chugh, GM, IT Services - Daffodil Software mentioned, “Our tech team built a native app addressing all of Hampton’s requirements. We understand that there is a splurge of dictionary apps in the mobile world and Wordset had to be unique. This got us more involved in the project with focus all sections of development.”

Vipul Sharma, Project Manager - Daffodil Software, added, “Our tech savvy team at Daffodil built a dynamic solution so that word addition and improvement can be added by users when and where required. One we started going, there was no stopping us. We made UI/UX improvements, suggestions for better user engagement, word sound pronunciation tool, online Thesaurus implementation and many such features to make the app stand out in the market.”

Yogesh Agarwal, CEO Daffodil Software, said, “We are glad to have worked for such a great technology inventor and it is great to hear that Wordset has gained such popularity among users. Any opportunity to work with Hampton again would be more than relished.”

Hampton added, “I am super happy with the quality of the product that was delivered by Daffodil. I would definitely work with them again and would like to recommend them to others.”
Daffodil Software Ltd.
Sachin Garg