Pharad Antenna Transforming the Industry in Enabling Pocket Sized Tactical Video Receivers

UAV Video Receivers shrink with Pharad L-, S-, and C-band Stub Antenna.

Hanover, MD, May 20, 2016 --( Pharad unveiled today their new high performance L-, S- and C-band stub antenna for tactical video receivers. Already a leading supplier of gooseneck antennas for handheld tactical video receivers, Pharad has leveraged DARPA funded antenna miniaturization research and developed a highly efficient radiating solution in a stub form factor for dismounted receivers of UAV originated full motion video. Small stub antennas will enable the next generation of pocket sized tactical video receivers. These ruggedized waterproof antennas can also be used for transmitters on small multi-rotorcopter UAVs and drones.

“Our innovative multi-octave stub antenna is the first of its kind,” said Pharad CTO Rod Waterhouse. “Our customer base has been progressively miniaturizing their tactical video receiver electronics and seeking a small, efficient alternative to fielded L-, S-, and C-band antennas. It has been a challenging endeavor to make these small and efficient multi-octave antennas that can close the full motion video datalink. Through some recent Pharad innovations in efficient antenna miniaturization techniques and our investment in ruggedized stub antenna tooling and manufacturing, we were able to achieve good efficiency for the radiating solution while packaging everything in a slim housing with a total height of about 4 inches. We have also received interest from multi-rotorcopter suppliers looking for high performance solutions to their drone offerings.”

Pharad's newest stub antenna is being sold under Model number SA-1400-5900. For more information, visit: Pharad is the leading supplier and manufacturer of tactical video receiver antennas, including gooseneck antennas and body worn antennas.
Austin Farnham