Enterprises TV Prepares Segment About Private Equity Options

The producers from Enterprises are pleased to announce prep work for a segment on private equity options.

Coral Springs, FL, May 20, 2016 --( Enterprises TV producers are preparing a segment highlighting private equity solutions.

Most private equity firms consist of institutional investors who are capable of offering large sums of money for long periods of time toward the right investment. These types of investments often demand long holding periods in order to allow for the turnaround of a distressed company or a liquidity event. Today, private equity investors are more commonly known as angel investors, and may be affiliated with a venture capital firm. The finance-related cable program reviews options in this area when the segment airs on regional and national cable TV networks.

The Enterprises TV show is hosted by one of television’s most popular hosts and most successful entrepreneurs, Kevin Harrington. He has been welcomed into millions of homes around the world through his informative and entertaining programs on both syndicated and paid television.

The program is headquartered in South Florida and films on location throughout the United States and around the globe. Enterprises TV specializes in creating intriguing stories including individual company profiles and features on important new advances in the world. It is produced in part by Anthony DiMeglio and Gary Baris. To learn more about the show and its host, please visit Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, or visit the website at
Enterprises TV
Kyra Burton