New Adult Industry Labor Union Addresses Its Critics

The I.E.A.U., a brand-new international adult industry union - and the first ever in the U.S. - is already feeling the pinch from some members of its own community. In response, the union addressed them Tuesday with a statement read by Melissa Hill on RAWTALK on LA TALK RADIO, it also made the answers to their questions and the transcript of the statement available on their website.

Los Angeles, CA, May 23, 2016 --( The I.E.A.U. (International Entertainment Adult Union) addressed its critics with Melissa Hill’s reading of the union’s statement on her radio show RAWTALK on LA TALK RADIO. In it, she reiterated the I.E.A.U.’s position that the adult industry is finally ripe for unionization, and stressed the importance of removing intentionally disruptive officer-candidates from its ranks.

However, the statement did also address the concerns submitted to the union by said individuals. In response, additional questions and answers, as well as a transcript of the statement were added to the I.E.A.U. website. The show aired on Tuesday, May 17.

The questions asked by critics were largely related to the I.E.A.U.’s organizational structure. However, that structure is still being developed, according to the statement. “We’re going to have our share of critics, to be sure,” said PR Committee Chair Bella Doll. “But the best way to defeat your enemy is to make them your friend, and since we’re committed to transparency, that’s exactly what we intend to do; but we’re also doing something unprecedented within our industry, and so I don’t think that a little patience is an unreasonable request,” she concludes.

The union was founded by industry veteran Phyllisha Anne, and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor in December of 2015. Its primary mission is to serve as a support organization for workers in all facets of the adult industry. Is it a ‘mother union’ and there are currently two chapters: Adult Performer Actors Guild (A.P.A.G.) and Crew Local 424. Exotic dancers, legal brothel workers, and even tattoo artists – those of any industry that is marketed as 'adults-only' - is invited to start a chapter of I.E.A.U. It is currently free to join.
International Entertainment Adult Union
Bella Doll, PR Coodinator/Committee Chair
(213) 787-IEAU