The Expanded Panama Canal Will Take on Its First Ship on June 26

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. is pleased to announce that the expanded Panama Canal will take on its first ship in June.

Dallas, TX, May 22, 2016 --( Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., a tour company that specializes in relocation and retirement tours to Panama, is delighted to announce that the expanded Panama Canal will take on its first ship on June 26 this year. According to Jackie Lange, Panama Relocation Tours founder, and general manager, the event is going to be a huge deal in the country and people are busy preparing for this event.

There will be an inauguration ceremony on June 26 to officially open the newly expanded Panama Canal. The first ship to traverse the famous canal will be a Chinese vessel known as “The Andronikos.” The vessel is operated by Cosco, a Chinese company, and was chosen to be the first to transit the expanded canal through a lottery. Cosco is a top shipping company in China with 800 merchant ships and an annual capacity of 400 million tonnes.

The head of Cosco’s operations in Panama, Paul Xu, said that the event is historic not just for the canal but for their company too. He told EFE news that Cosco is a very young company that has recently undergone a merger between the China Shipping Group and the Cosco Group.

“The Panama Canal contributes significantly to the country’s economy; hence, its expansion is a huge deal for us,” Jackie says excitedly. “We are all very excited for the inauguration of the canal. I’m pretty sure that there will be parties all over the country to celebrate this momentous occasion. The excitement is building up as we speak and I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

While sightseeing and visiting tourist attractions like the Panama Canal are not the main focus of the Panama Relocation Tours, Jackie, and her team are looking forward to the expanded canal’s inauguration. “It feels great to be a part of this historic moment. Heads of state have been invited to take part in this event. It’s also exciting what the expansion would mean for the Panamanians and the expats living here. The canal’s income is expected to grow and this is just great news for the country.”

The Panama Canal expansion officially started in 2007. It is expected to double the capacity of the canal as there will be a new lane of traffic. This additional lane will increase the number of ships that can pass through; thus, increasing the canal’s overall revenue.

Jackie Lange published an article on the Panama Relocation Tours website about the Panama Canal expansion and what this means for her company and the entire country. Interested parties may view the article on the Panama Relocation tours website.

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