Featurepics Offers "Buy Single Image as Guest" Option

Fremont, CA, May 23, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The Stock photo industry has significantly shifted toward a purchasing policy that relies on subscription-based image downloads or buying several images in a package.

The trend results in two significant drawbacks: customers are forced into purchasing a subscription that is rarely used to download more than few images, and content authors are led to distribute their content for little return to the few customers who choose to download excessive amounts of images.

Featurepics believes that this model only benefits stock photo sites with the subscription-based model, and does not serve most content users nor content creators in the long term.

These drawbacks clearly illustrate the opportunity for individual image purchase providers and highlights the important role that developing deep and lasting customer relationships without using image subscription as the base for customer retention.

As major business and technology changes, so does stock photo industry. In addition to extremely high cost of subscription-based photos when only a few of the subscribed images are used, many customers prefer to utilize the single photo purchasing option at lower overall cost per image downloaded. When a customer purchases single image license with Featurepics, he/she does not leave a track of payment and personal information on the site and does not incur unnecessary costs associated with subscriptions found across other stock photo agencies.

In addition, Featurepics allows for an incredibly fast singe image purchasing option – limited information is asked to process the payment. “Development of the “Buy as Guest” feature was done for clients who want an easy and simple way to purchase a single image license without worrying about having their identity, credit card info, etc. stored on a third-party server” said Elena Orel, lead developer. “For clients who decided to create an account to use savings plans – we still don’t keep credit cards and Paypal account information in our system. It is a guarantee of our “secure payment” – no records/no worries.”

Featurepics actively develops solutions such as the “Buy as Guest” option to provide lasting value for both content users and content creators. Featurepics has developed a loyal following among image contributors and is committed to helping users find digital content with ease, and most importantly, clear and worry-free terms associated with a single image purchases (http://www.featurepics.com/HelpCenter/Buy-stock-images-individually.aspx).

Featurepics (www.featurepics.com) is a royalty-free microstock photography / digital content agency that has been actively working in the stock photography market since 2007 offering you an inspirational gallery of millions of beautiful photos and illustrations from unique contributors all over the world.
Alan Geranda