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MoBiTec GmbH Teams Up with TargetMol, US, to Offer Thousands of Inhibitors and Predetermined Screening Libraries

TargetMol supplies over 3000 compounds used in the study of cell signaling pathways and drug discovery. TargetMol provides more than 32 types of compound libraries, available for cell induction, signaling pathway, and high-throughput screening (HTS).

Goettingen, Germany, May 25, 2016 --( Target Molecule Corp. (TargetMol) is a global high-tech enterprise, specializing in chemical and biological research products and service to meet the research needs of global customers.

Who are TargetMol serving?

• Drug screening - drug design and virtual screening, target validation, model establishment, high-throughput screening, structure optimization

• Pharmacological research -in vivo and in vitro testing of compounds to identify new uses for known drugs

• Signaling pathways - stem cell, protein tyrosine kinase, epigenetics, GPCR, MAPK signaling

• Cell research - pluripotent stem cell induction, cell signaling transduction, cell inflammation, oncology

What are the applications TargetMol's products are being used for?

• Cancer
• Cardiovascular System
• Endocrine system
• Respiratory system
• Nervous system
• Immunology
• Metabolism system

Bioactive Screening Libraries

Next to thousands of individual inhibitors TargetMol offers Bioactive Screening Libraries which consist of over 4000 small molecules with validated biological and pharmacological activities, covering more than twenty signal pathways and 200 targets. The safety and effectiveness of these has been valued and demonstrated through preclinical and clinical research. Many of them are FDA-approved compounds. Customers can customize individual libraries by selecting specific molecules, quantities, concentrations, and format.

For details on TargetMol's portfolio please see:

About MoBiTec GmbH

MoBiTec GmbH (Goettingen, Germany) is a privately held company (founded in 1987) that offers research tools for molecular and cell biology. Products include DNA vectors for cloning and expression, cell transfection reagents and cell culture tools, immobilized and soluble enzymes, products for genomics and proteomics research, numerous antibodies and recombinant proteins, superior fluorescence reagents and kits, affinity chromatography products, as well as general laboratory equipment.

In parallel to its own product lines, MoBiTec distributes products from international companies in Germany. MoBiTec products are distributed worldwide, in Germany from their home office, in other countries by distributors.
MoBiTec GmbH
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