World’s First Wireless Smart Parking Device Makes Parking Safe and Simple

FenSens makes parking simple and safe with a patent pending smart license frame & hands-free automated mobile app experience.

San Mateo, CA, May 25, 2016 --( FenSens, designer consumer electronics with a focus on making new car technology available to everyone, introduces the world’s first patent pending smart Bluetooth parking device; the FenSens smart license plate frame and free mobile application for Android and iOS. Designed for the everyday car driver, the affordable FenSens installs just like any license plate frame in less than 5 minutes, without any wiring (5 month rechargeable battery operated); no need to call your car guy friend for help.

At only $99 as a special early bird price you can now enjoy parking sensor technology in any vehicle with a standard US license plate, without having to mess with wiring or install any additional LCD monitors in the car. Current alternatives can be expensive, with dealership installs costing over $1,000 and professional help costing over $300 on Amazon for help with installation of wired kits. With the FenSens, it’s now more affordable than ever, but most importantly, it works right out of the box without professional help. After the Bluetooth-enabled smart license plate frame is installed via 4 security screws (to prevent theft), your Android mobile application will automatically launch when you start backing up; It’s so easy-to-use, you don’t even have to pull your phone out of your pocket. This is made possible by an accelerometer to detect the car’s backward motion and real-time Bluetooth streaming between the device and the mobile phone. The hands-free mobile application provides audio (beeps), visual (display), and vibration alerts to the driver when an object, such as a car, is detected in the car’s rear blind spot.

The FenSens is ideal for anybody that wants today’s new car parking sensor technology at an affordable price, without messing with complicated wiring. Whether you are a busy professional scrambling to work in the morning, trying to fit into that perfect parking spot downtown or you’re a concerned parent that wants to know your new student driver is more safe on the roads, the FenSens gives you eyes in the back of your vehicle. OSHA research also shows that traffic incidents are the #1 cause of death in the workplace, making FenSens an important safety device for commercial fleet vehicles.

While many people want parking assist technology, it hasn’t reached mass market adoption yet and the NHTSA says that it will take until at least 2054 before all cars on the road in the US have parking sensors or cameras. Because of this, 90% of cars on the road still do not have backup sensors and we see 15,000 injuries, 1.8 million rear end accidents, and over $7 Billion in personal and property damage in the US from backup related incidents. “We believe this great technology hasn’t been adopted because it’s either too expensive or much too complicated for the average driver to get value out of it,” said Andy Karuza, CEO at FenSens. “We decided to do something about it by focusing on delivering the best possible user experience that technology allows. Last time I bought a 'self-install kit,' it sat on the shelves, never to be used; nobody wants a product that doesn’t work right out of the box these days.” While safety is important, it is a concept that gets shelved more often than not, if it’s too difficult to obtain.

The FenSens comes in two models: the Fender Defender and Parking Assist series. The less expensive Parking Assist device at $120 MSRP is ideal for trucks and cars with recessed license plates, although it comes with a narrower sensor field of vision and is only meant to detect an object immediately behind the vehicle. The premium Fender Defender package at $150 MSRP comes with 4 Ultrasonic Sensors and has a field of vision that covers the entire backside of the car from bumper to bumper for complete fender bender protection. FenSens also allows for color and messaging customization, allowing your company to place its logo, website, or other forms of branding on the device.

FenSens Technical Specifications

Bluetooth LE real-time wireless technology.

Easy setup - install frame with 4 security screws (prevents theft), download mobile app, and use.

Compatible with standard US license plate frames without immediate physical obstructions of the license plate.

Li-Po rechargeable battery lasts 5 months and can be recharged via USB by popping out the battery pack and charging it indoors.

Waterproof ultrasonic sound sensors (2 on Parking Assist, 4 on Fender Defender) with effective range of 10 feet. Camera not included.

Water and dust-proof IP67 rated design

Note: Please review local state license plate rules. FenSens covers about as much space as any traditional license plate frame, but state law requires the license numbers and vehicle registration tabs to be clearly visible.

Get on the list on the FenSens website to ensure you are one of the first to get this product and at the special price of $99 ($50 off). Make sure to grab one at this great price, before they are gone. To connect with FenSens, visit Facebook, Twitter, or the website. For more information on the FenSens, media members may contact our PR team at or call 360-920-1637.

About FenSens
FenSens, (pronounced as Fen-Sens,) creates designer consumer electronics that make new car technology affordable and available to all car drivers. The company was founded in Seattle, WA and incubated in San Francisco, California. All FenSens products come with a one-year warranty and are quality assurance tested.

Press Contact:
Andy Karuza