Staten Island Dance School Russian Mazaik to Donate Proceeds to Animal Shelter

Russian Mazaik founder, Elena Bolotina has partnered with Angels On Earth Rescue to donate all proceeds from her school's dance showcase to help innocent animals get a second chance at finding a loving home.

Staten Island, NY, May 25, 2016 --( It was just under two years ago that a tragic event took place in the home of Russian Mazaik dance school founder, Elena Bolotina. Kuzia, Elena Bolotina's cat was shot with 15 BB gun pellets and was critically injured. After many surgeries and plenty of love Kuzia is happily at home living with Elena. Russian Mazaik dance school is doing their annual dance showcase on June 12, 2016 at New Dorp High School in New Dorp, NY. "Every day I come home after a long day of work and Kuzia is excited to see me. He has so much personality and he is full of love," says Elena Bolotina, the main instructor and founder of Russian Mazaik. She added, "I have always been an animal lover and I wanted to donate proceeds from our show as a tribute to Kuzia which is why we choose to partner with Angels on Earth Rescue."

Prior to starting Russian Mazaik, Elena was a professional dancer that toured the world for many years dancing in shows as well as teaching classes all over Brooklyn and Staten Island. Elena Bolotina was born and raised in raised in Tambov, Russia where she took an interest in dance at a very early age. She had a very strict and balanced training regiment in her formative years that would lead to a successful dance career in her future. Russian Mazaik was started in 2013 after Bolotina recognized the need to spread her passion of dance and arts to younger generations. One of Russian Mazaik student's parents said that "Our world is so diverse today and I am proud that my daughter is studying the art of dance at Russian Mazaik because it is a great experience to have as well as a good exercise activity." Russian Mazaik has grown over the last three years to have three world-class dance instructors including Bolotina.

Russian Mazaik generally puts on two dance shows every year, which include the highly anticipated Christmas spectacular, and the summer show. This years summer show will be unique because of the partnership with Angels on Earth Rescue. According to Elena Bolotina, "The shows are intended for the dance students to celebrate all of their hard work studying. They share this with their families and friends. Admission to the show is open to the general public with the purchase of a $10 ticket where the proceeds will go to the animal rescue."

Melissa Witt, the founder of Angels on Earth Rescue Inc. said, "I am so deeply touched and honored that Russian Mazaik has decided to donate to Angels on Earth Rescue as we are always looking for as much support as we can get to help foster and adopt pets." Angels On Earth Rescue, Inc. is a 503c3 non-profit organization in Staten Island, New York that saves homeless, neglected, abandoned, sick, injured, or abused animals from death row. Russian Mazaik has decided to take their donating to the next level by incorporating a Go Fund Me ( page to generate even more proceeds for the rescue center.

The Russian Mazaik dance show will take place at New Dorp, High School in New Dorp, NY on June 12, 2016 at New Dorp High School in New Dorp, NY. The doors will open 5:00 PM and the one-hour show will be at 6:00 PM. Between the proceeds from the show and the donations generated by the Go Fund Me campaign Russian Mazaik hopes to make a serious impact in helping Angels on Earth Rescue Inc.
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