New Logo for Smartsims Business Simulations

Smartsims, in a skew of upcoming changes to modernize their look, have launched a new logo.

Woburn, MA, May 26, 2016 --( Smartsims, a leading provider of business simulations, today launched a new logo design. It is only the first move in a series of changes designed to makeover the Smartsims’ brand and their online presence. This logo design presents clients with a new look that is instantly recognizable as Smartsims and reflects the Smartsims’ experience.

The new logo stems from the ambition to modernize the existing logo, whilst retaining a link to the 20+ year history of the Smartsims' brand. As such, the new logo retains the circular globe symbolism and uses the previous logo as inspiration. The globe has been simplified to a 3D icon with an adaptation of an "S", featuring interesting layers and lines to bring this icon into the present day. Their font choice is simple yet refined, and represents their team's friendly approach.

About Smartsims
Smartsims have developed a family of Online Business Simulations that encourage student engagement with course content. Research shows experiential learning, business simulations specifically, accelerate learning by giving students their own business experience and a safe environment to apply theories and concepts learnt in class. Smartsims’ simulations do not replace course content but seek to supplement course materials and improve learning outcomes. During their business simulation experience, students are immersed in the key concepts of business and strategy, as they interact in teams, managing their own simulated online organization.

Follow this link to view their new logo and learn more about their business simulations.
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