WIPS Adds High Quality Full Text, Indian Patent Data to Its Repertoire from Molecular Connections

Bangalore, India, May 26, 2016 --(PR.com)-- WIPS is a leading provider of the global intellectual property information from multiple geographies and domains since 1999. The strategic partnership between WIPS and Molecular Connections would allow customers of WIPS gain access to Indian patent information provided by Molecular Connections.

Molecular Connections’ IP databases MCPaIRS™ and MCDESiGN™ consists of both Indian full text and design patents, applied and granted in India. Molecular Connections’ domain experts manually curate, abstract, and index all the Indian patent and design documents to provide easy access to necessary intellectual property information by means of a user-friendly web interface.

Molecular Connections Patent Information Retrieval System - MCPaIRS™ is highly comprehensive and gets updated every seven working days, promptly. The database contains bibliographic details with reference to the patent, customized legal status information, drawings, agent information and also family equivalents for all the patents.

WIPS from now on will provide this premium information through their flagship global patent search database. Using this, customers of WIPS can stay on top of the rapidly expanding Indian IP landscape and make informed decisions for better business planning and development.

Speaking on the occasion, Kitae Kim, Marketing Manager, WIPS mentioned: “WIPS has continued to keep its number one market share position in Korea for years. As a part of our expansion strategy, we have been continuously evaluating multiple Indian patent content providers for opportunities to partner. Molecular Connections being the number one in this space, were an ideal choice for their superior quality and real time updates. We believe the extended portfolio as a result of this partnership will further boost our service capabilities and customer offerings.”

Ms Krishna, Senior Manager Business Development, Molecular Connections added: “MCPaIRS™ & MCDESiGN™ have been our successful IP databases in the market. Being recognized globally for our reliability, human assisted curation workflows - made us preferred suppliers of Indian full text & design patents over others in the industry. After having customers in Japan, USA, and Europe, we are now looking at entering Chinese market in the IP Search / Analysis services space, as a strategic move.”

About WIPS
WIPS Global is a web-based patent search tool that allows users to search patent information from its copious collection of worldwide database. With its Search features, WIPS Global enables users to search through multiple global patent database provided by patent offices from Korea, the US, Japan, China, India and European countries.

About Molecular Connections
Molecular Connections excels in serving the complex informational requirements of pharmaceutical, publishing and intellectual property businesses with industry leading content services and products. Molecular Connections’ expertise spans across IP research, text mining, literature curation, content building and database development. We partner with our customers at each step of content development. Our delivery is deeply-rooted on innovation, quality and rapid-scaling.

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