Becoming Much More Than a Traditional Online Loan Referral Source is an online personal and business loan search referral site. A spokesperson for the company states that “currently over 60% of the consumers who apply for a loan through a lender found on their site are approved for a loan.” To increase the company’s value to consumers and in an effort to become widely known as a trusted source and reliable source of matching consumers, both personal and business with viable online lenders, the company includes a blog on their site.

Seattle, WA, May 26, 2016 --( The company, Moneylend takes the stance that they are a “one stop shop” website for both personal and business online lending sources to which they refer consumers. According to the site’s search module, consumers simply enter the loan amount in terms of what they are inquiring to borrow, and the state in which they live. This results in creating a list of potential lenders, ranging from peer to peer loans, referred to as “P2P loans” on the site, personal installment loans, as well as business loan options which appear when doing a search for one’s loan options. The founder, Jerry Hsieh, who is a software engineer states that he created the website “so that consumers did not have to do extensive searching for hours, to simply find a reliable loan source.” Upon initial review of the website, and entering the basic search information, it appears to be organized, and user friendly. Hsieh, stated in a recent interview that, the “Peer to Peer loans can take longer, do typically require a FICO typically above 600, but can be a great alternative loan funding source.” All loans on the site have a unique range of funding time, interest rates vary, and of course there are different terms of eligibility depending on the precise loan product selected. Kabbage, known as a viable online business loan source, is one of the business loan sources on the website.

Hsieh also stated that “loans are available in all 50 states in United States," and it is “fairly simple to make a comparison regarding any origination costs, and interest costs for the loan options” which appear when the consumer performs a simple search to determine their options. On the site, it is indicated that “they strive to be a resource for consumers looking for trusted online personal and business loan options, who would also like to make simple and immediate price comparisons with ease.” Jerry Hsieh states, “we provide a reliable source of online loan options, and can relate this to one doing a search on the many travel search sites, ours follows the same premise in terms of cost comparison, only for loans to include installment loans, peer to peer loans, and business loans.” There is a loan calculator on the website itself, a useful tool to those evaluating their options in terms of personal or business loans. The blog itself is unique, in that according to industry peers, one does not typically find an educational blog on “online loan search” web portal, yet is providing that to their site visitors. presents more to their consumers in terms of viable content, wanting to be a “source of assistance” for each site visitor, in an effort to increase their financial literacy, while providing loan referrals. The blog entries are written by a financial advice blog writer, who also writes for other viable and reputable online financial media sources. The blog has received positive feedback, in part due to the valid content it contains to educate consumers in basic financial management.

Hsieh founder of concluded in a recent interview, “We outline much of the information concerning loan terms and general guidelines for the lenders; however, users of the site are of course strongly encouraged to closely review any loan documents submitted to them by the lenders to make certain all terms are accurate and agreeable to them, as is common sense with any loan product.”

Press release written by Media Relations Contact, Lisa Pellegrene. Ms. Pellegrene is a publicist/media relations contact, and a film and TV producer/director/actress, as well as a social justice and animal advocate based in the Los Angeles area. She is the Director and the Creative Executive of "Peace, Love, Unity, Dance Troupe," a series debuting this spring. She is an advocate and part of positive change for human and animals, based upon exercising love, compassion and respect for all, and of supporting one another through productive positive, encouragement, promoting love and unity.
Jerry Hsieh
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