Forcura Launches Secure Mobile Messaging Solution

Secure messaging app provides complete communications solution for healthcare.

Jacksonville, FL, May 26, 2016 --( Today, Forcura, a healthcare technology company focused on solutions that help healthcare providers run more effective and efficient practices, launches its second product, Forcura Messenger.

Forcura Messenger is a simple and intuitive secure mobile messaging app designed specifically for healthcare providers. It allows all members of a healthcare team to share secure messages, images and documents in real-time from any location and can be accessed via any device: smartphones, tablets and desktops.

“Our customers, healthcare providers, have been asking us how their care teams could better communicate securely on mobile devices. SMS is not HIPAA secure. Today, we are excited to be able to respond with Forcura Messenger, which solves this very large healthcare compliance issue,” said Forcura CEO Craig Mandeville.

Forcura Messenger was developed in conjunction with several current Forcura customers who were looking for a solution to allow remote healthcare workers to capitalize on mobile technology while eliminating any HIPAA and compliance issues. The app securely integrates with the Forcura Workflow product enabling complete document and patient management. The integration with Forcura’s newest version of Forcura Workflow provides a seamless way to send, track, and receive all patient documents.

“The Forcura products, Workflow and now Messenger, are making it possible for my staff to work at maximum capacity at a manageable pace,” said Kim Gaffey, CEO of Gaffey Home Hospice & Nursing. “And I’m breathing freer to know that they are always working in a manner that is not only efficient, but legally and ethically compliant.”

About Forcura:
Forcura, a leading technology company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, helps healthcare organizations deliver better patient care, improve their cash flow and reduce administrative expenses by streamlining back-office operations and communications. The Forcura platform consists of two primary products: Forcura Workflow, paperless document management, and Forcura Messenger, secure healthcare messaging. The company recently received awards for Best Use of Cloud Computing, Best CEO and Best Places to Work. For more information visit, call 800-378-0596 or follow Forcura on Twitter @forcura.
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