Phidgets Inc. Broadens Product Base with Linear and Rotary Systems

New products allow users to build complex mechanical systems to complement Phidget’s electronic control and sensing modules.

Calgary, Canada, May 30, 2016 --( A great many new products have been added to the selection at the Phidgets Inc. website this week; a total of 196 new parts were added, focused primarily on giving customers more options for building linear and rotary transmission systems.

Among the new parts are: rotary shaft, pulleys, sprockets, timing belts, chain, shaft couplings, gearboxes, linear shaft and rail, ball screws and nuts, bearings, and various supports and mounting options. These new additions represent an unprecedented foray into the mechanical world for Phidgets.

With the increasing demand for sophisticated and specialized transmission systems to pair with customers' motors and Phidgets controllers, the company has decided to make these new parts available individually. Support engineer Brian Burley explained, “We want to support the customer's projects from end to end. Before, we only provided options for the electronic and programming side of things, and the user was on their own for how the rest of the machine would be built. Now, customers will be able to get it all in one place for many projects.”

For users interested in creating low-cost prototypes of robotics projects, CnC machines and 3D printers, the release of these new products in addition to the modular T-slot assemblies added last month are sure to make Phidgets a convenient source for parts.
Phidgets Inc.
Michael Paradis