WANdisco Announces Clustering Solution for Subversion and CVS

New Enterprise Class Software Products Enable Huge Reliability and Scalability.

San Ramon, CA, January 12, 2008 --(PR.com)-- WANdisco, a leading provider of infrastructure software for replication, scalability and high availability, today announced two new software products that create highly available and scalable versions of Subversion and CVS (concurrent versioning system).

Subversion and CVS are open source version control systems that store and track changes made to any type of electronic data, including source code files, web pages, documents, or images. Forrester Research recently recognized Subversion as the sole leader in the Standalone Software Configuration Management (SSCM) category in a side-by-side comparison that included the most popular commercial version control solutions.

Subversion Clustering and CVS Clustering combine Subversion and CVS with WANdisco’s unique active-active replication technology bring enterprise class scalability and reliability.

These new software products transform a single-server implementation into a highly performant distributed or clustered source code management solution.

Key Features

Provides clustering to dynamically balance workload across multiple CVS or Subversion servers at a single location.

All servers in the cluster are fully readable and writeable at any time and are kept in sync by WANdisco’s totally unique replication technology.
Has no single point of failure whatsoever. The approach is truly shared nothing. There is no sharing of disk, CPU, or memory between servers.
Does not rely on a single shared database or filesystem. Each server in the cluster has its own independent database or filesystem replica that is kept in sync with all of the others by WANdisco's patented active-active replication technology.

Provides failover and automated disaster recovery to insure business continuity, without any reliance on third party disk mirroring solutions.
Can be implemented standalone or in conjunction with WANdisco's solutions for JIRA to provide a complete, highly reliable and scalable application lifecycle management solution stack.

“WANdisco’s unique technology enables unprecedented levels of scalability and high availability for Subversion and CVS” said Uttam Narsu, Former Forrester/Giga Analyst and SCM expert. “Subversion Clustering and CVS Clustering users will be delighted with the new levels of performance, scalability and reliability that WANdisco can offer. I would strongly urge any company who has either installed or is considering installing CVS or Subversion to look at these products”

WANdisco’s replication technology is used by Fortune Global 1000 companies such as AT&T, Honda, NTT and Motorola to achieve high levels of performance, scalability and reliability for their distributed software development efforts. Scalability and performance are major considerations for software development organizations with large distributed teams and growing repositories of source code, issues, documentation and other software development artifacts.

“Our customers have been telling us that these products are an absolute business necessity,” said David Richards, President and CEO of WANdisco. “When combined with WANdisco, CVS and Subversion not only become massively scalable but also ensure that there is no single point of failure that would lead to data loss.”


Subversion Clustering and CVS Clustering is available directly from WANdisco. For pricing and sales information, please contact your WANdisco sales representative at 1-866-846-0404 or on the web at http://www.wandisco.com/cvscluster and http://www.wandisco.com/subversioncluster

About WANdisco

WANdisco is a leading provider of distributed software development solutions. By using WANdisco's totally unique replication technology, software development can now occur anywhere without any constraints. Fortune Global 1000 companies such as AT&T, Honda, NTT and Motorola rely on WANdisco's suite of source code management solutions. For more information, please visit us at http://www.wandisco.com



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