Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd. Announces Business Insurance and Disaster Recovery Options

Are you prepared if disaster strikes? Severe weather conditions and unexpected disasters cause serious damage to Toronto businesses each year. The latest forest fires near Fort McMurray forced thousands of home and business owners to evacuate, and damage from an ice storm and flooding caused tens of millions of dollars in property damage.

Woodbridge, Canada, June 15, 2016 --( Some businesses may not have the proper insurance coverage to be fully protected in the event of such disasters. Without a steady stream of revenue, many businesses never reopen after serious damage to their location. Cornerstone Insurance Brokers now offers a solution through the expansion of their business insurance coverage.

Commercial customers may opt to add disaster recovery funds to their policy with the inclusion of business interruption insurance. Where property insurance covers the loss of the physical building, business interruption insurance covers the loss of sales and profits that occur when a business has been closed by flooding, forest fires, or other disasters.

Under the business interruption policy from Cornerstone Insurance Brokers, business owners receive compensation in four areas. First, the policy replaces income that was lost due to the closing of the property after a disaster. Second, business owners may recover profits lost from the loss of sales opportunities. Next, the policy continues the payment of utilities and other operating expenses that recur, even though the property is vacant. Finally, the policy supplies business owners with enough operating capital to open a temporary location until a permanent solution is available.

Business interruption insurance is an add-on to existing property insurance policies, and should be considered as part of a comprehensive business insurance policy.

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