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Top 20 Biologics Now with Sales of US$ 37.7 Bln in 2005

The Top 20 blockbuster recombinant proteins and antibodies achieved record sales of US$ 37.7 bln in the year 2005 while combined sales of the 12 Top selling classes of recombinant proteins and antibodies reached the US$ 50 bln threshold.

Barcelona, Spain, February 15, 2006 --( The Business Intelligence firm La Merie S.L. reported today that 19 of the TOP 20 selling biologics achieved sales of over US$ 1 bln in the year 2005. The strongest growth rates were found for therapeutic antibodies (Avastin: + 141%; Humira: +64 %; Herceptin: +48 %) which made out 6 of the 20 biologics. Erythropoietins continue to be the number one selling class of biological products (excluding vaccines), but with overall modest growth and conversion from the native protein to the longer-acting glycoengineered. Sales of the major cancer antibodies (US$ 6.77 bln) came closer to sales of the TNF-targeting biologics (US$ 7.64 bln). Recombinant insulin-based products are the number 3 best selling class of biologics. The only antiviral antibody among the TOP 20 biologics achieved for the first time sales of over US$ 1 bln. These results and more were found in a search conducted by La Merie Business Intelligence published in the February 13 issue of R&D Pipeline News, edited by La Merie, and can be found at La Merie’s News Center and Online Store The document contains listings of the sales of the TOP 20 blockbuster biologics, of the 12 best selling classes of biologics and of selected other biologics and is available this week free as a download at

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